The Good and Bad of TWIN PEAKS

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With the Damn Fine news that TWIN PEAKS will be returning to our screens, we take a subjective look at the good and bad things about the series in general.


The haunting soundtrack composed by Angelo Badalamenti, especially the intro and the beautiful voice of Julee Cruise. Few other television soundtracks instantly conjure up images of snowy mountain tops, waterfalls, and a log lady.

The cast and characters.  An amazing cast playing a variety of original, haunted, flawed and wacky characters. Where else can you see David Duchovny in drag? As well as the acting abilities on show, every fan had a crush. Who was yours? How about Madchen Amick?

The supernatural elements - demons, white horses, the Man From Another Place - the show owed a lot to the likes of THE TWILIGHT ZONE and THE OUTER LIMITS. But it also paved the way for mainstream supernatural drama such as THE X-FILES (with Duchovny, just not in drag). Similar plot devices and cinematography are still being used in programmes like THE KILLING.

The sheer weirdness - original and refreshing, anything could happen in TWIN PEAKS. And yet, in 1990, it became the biggest show in the world.

The small town charm. Cherry pie and a damn fine cup of coffee. The quirkiness of small town American life was a perfect counter-balance to the darkness that laid beneath it, something Lynch is no stranger to in other work. It took what could have been any other melodramatic American soap opera and gave it several layers, all of which viewers were keen to explore.



Bob - not the 'happy accident' the crew believed it to be. Bob became too much of a presence in TWIN PEAKS and, to a lot of people, wasn't actually that scary. And if this as an accident, what was the original plan?


The second season - it was nowhere near as strong as the first. After revealing the killer there was not much narrative direction, a bit too much obsession with the Black Lodge, not to mention all of the...


Random new characters, subplots and celebrity cameos. Poor Annie Blackburn.


Revealing Laura's killer - often cited as a downfall of the programme, revealing Laura's killer was actually a bold and shocking move. Not revealing the killer would have resulted in audiences waning anyway, as often happens with a lack of resolution in TV series. The problem was the timing. If it had been revealed at the end of Season One, or preferably towards the end of Season Two, TWIN PEAKS might have survived a bit longer or at least finished more strongly. Instead it seemed brushed away in favour of the new Bob and Windom Earle storyline.


FIRE WALK WITH ME - a much-hyped, but ultimately disappointing return to TWIN PEAKS. Some revisionists today class it as one of Lynch's best films. However, it was missing some of the main characters and actors that enriched the series so much, and included bizarre scenes (even by TWIN PEAKS standards) featuring David Bowie and Chris Isaak (and not one duet between them). It also showed that, ironically, Lynch was actually responsible for some of the worst TWIN PEAKS output as well as the best. Garmonbozia anyone?


Those are our thoughts. What were your favourite – or most hated things about the series? Let us know through the usual channels, and keep an eye open for more TWIN PEAKS goodness coming soon.

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