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The autumn and winter is usually the most interesting time of year for the cinema. It’s the time when slightly more risky material is released as well as the awards winners and acclaimed films from festivals held earlier in the year. This year the word that stands out amongst all of the films here is ‘risky’. Sure you have your remakes (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Straw Dogs, Don’t be Afraid of the Dark) and you have your sequels (Sherlock Holmes, Mission Impossible, Underworld) but you have films like The Adventures of Tintin, John Carter and The Thing prequel. Films based on previous existing material that were not that popular in the first place. It seems these are desperate times if a prequel to a massive flop from the summer of 1982 is getting made. Are there really no original ideas left? If these films are not a success and if one of them flops spectacularly, my guess would be that you’ll see a major change in what is being greenlit. This has already happened to an extent, because of the failure of risky films like Scott Pilgrim and Your Highness; Universal pulled the plug on At the Mountains of Madness and The Dark Tower. If John Carter is an out and out disaster for Disney, you can expect them to green light a lot of smaller budget Marvel comic based movies now that they own that studio. Of course if it’s a success its good news for all of us who like our epic space malarkey.

There are also smaller projects that seem different to the usual independent films from the last few years. After a few years in the wilderness and with the rise in video on demand in the states, we are starting to see resurgence in independent cinema. Red State, Bellflower, The FP, Another Earth, Detention and Intruders all look like truly original (for the most part) and daring films to see this year that have all had some kind of acclaim from film festivals. With the rise of the multiplex we still have to sometimes travel into town to see them on a big screen mind you but at least it’s merely a train ride. I know people in the US who have to travel 2 hours to see a film on the screen sometimes!

So without further ado, here is a list of the films that Starburst readers should look for this Autumn and Winter. Some good, some bad, all interesting...

Red State

The Players: Michael Parks, Michael Anganaro, Melissa Leo, Kevin Pollak and John Goodman. Written and Directed by Kevin Smith

The Buzz: At this point in time it’s almost impossible to separate Kevin Smith the man from Kevin Smith the filmmaker. Smith has courted controversy ever since January for his film Red State. He has taken critics to task and sniffed them out and banned them from seeing his film to review it. He also generated buzz for the fact that he was going to auction the distribution rights to Red State in the room after the screening at Sundance, only to turn around and claim they were distributing the film themselves. Many claims of hubris and bridge burning followed but Smith kept building awareness through his podcast network and twitter. Then there was the whole war with the Phelps clan (whom the film is based on) with their infuriating Westboro Baptist Church. Due to high ticket prices at screenings that sell out with a tacked on Q&A,  Red State is actually already in profit before its wide release. We finally get to see what all the fuss is about in September. Early word has been mixed, somewhat predictably the online critics who have seen it have slated it although they praise the central performance of Michael Parks as villainous preacher Abin Cooper. The positives come from mostly die hard Kevin Smith fans whose opinions he retweets typically proclaiming the film as ‘Best Film Ever’. We shall see…

Released: September 30th

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

The Players: Guy Pearce, Katie Holmes and Bailee Madison. Directed by Troy Nixey

The Buzz: Guillermo Del Toro wrote and produced this and it’s clearly a film from his twisted imagination but also a remake of a classic TV movie from the early seventies. Guy Pearce and Katie Holmes play a couple restoring a large old creepy house. Something dark and disturbing in the basement is whispering to their young daughter, something that has malevolent intentions. Director Troy Nixey has created a skilful and well placed horror flick that will make you jump right out of your skin. I’ve seen it (read my review here), it's ace and so should you if you want to support well made horror films. In the absence of anything else that looks promising; this will be the perfect film for Halloween.

Released: October 7th

Another Earth

The Players: Brit Marling, William Mapother and Matthew Lee-Erlbach. Directed by Mike Cahill.

The Buzz: This is a strange and thoughtful indie movie that caused a minor buzz at the Sundance film festival in January. The plot revolves around a woman who causes a car accident that ends in a fatality when an exact replica of the planet earth appears just outside of our own planet. The film then becomes a melancholy meditation on guilt and loss as the woman bonds with the widowed husband, all the while the replica planet floats in the distance. The film has had mixed reviews thus far but the concept is heady and unique enough to get bums on seats from those who love intelligent science fiction along the lines of The Fountain and Solaris.

Released: October 7th


The Players: Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude Law, Kate Winslet and Laurence Fishburne. Directed by Steven Soderbergh.

The Buzz: Contagion takes place in a world where a bird flu style epidemic has taken hold of the populace and is spreading like wildfire. The film follows the fallout as people struggle to cope with sick loved ones as well as the government’s attempts to contain the disease. Looking at the trailer which is quite effective, you get an Outbreak meets Traffic kind of vibe from it and there are no 28 Days Later style zombies running around, realism being the prime focus here. The production actually took advice from the CDC and other government bodies as to how the pandemic would actually affect the world and what steps those in charge would take. This may well be a real slap in the face come October where we come face to face with the very real world implications should such a situation occur. Early word is great claiming the film is one of the scariest of the year. With Steven Soderbergh at the helm, expect great performances, great visual flair and possible Oscars?

Released: October 21st

Real Steel

The Players: Hugh Jackman, Evangeline Lilly and Anthony Mackie. Directed by Shawn Levy

The Buzz: Or Rock em Sock em Robots the movie. Real Steel takes place in a world where robots have replaced the traditional human boxers in the ring and follows Hugh Jackman’s washed up promoter as he coaches a discarded robot fighter through the ranks and re-connects with the son he didn’t know he had. The trailers for Real Steel so far have been impressive and wisely focus on the robot action. It seems that the film could be a fun family fare to take the kids to during October half term and perhaps the beginning of a new franchise. Before we all start getting excited though lest we forget that Real Steel is directed by Shawn Levy, he who made Night at the Museum and the Cheaper by the Dozen films. If he can marry up his skill with special effects with something approaching a decent script with an emotional core then we could be in for something surprising.

Released: October 14th

The Adventure of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn

The Players: Jamie Bell, Andy Serkis, Nick Frost and Simon Pegg. Directed by Steven Spielberg.

The Buzz: Of all the risky projects coming out this autumn this is one of the biggest gambles of all. Beard of the year winner 2001, Steven Spielberg directs from an Edgar Wright/Joe Cornish script, a motion capture take on Herges old Tintin stories with Jamie Bell as Tintin and young journalist who gets in all manner of scrapes. Beard of the year winner 2002, Peter Jackson produces with the intention that if this is a success he will direct the next one and Spielberg will produce. The animation in the trailer is impressive but they still don’t seem able to get the eyes right, the action seems suitably Indiana Jones esque though. This will either fail completely or surprise us all.

Released: October 26th

In Time

The Players: Justin Timberlake, Cillian Murphy, Amanda Seyfried and Olivia Wilde. Written and Directed by Andrew Niccol

The Buzz: Andrew Niccol’s latest film was not on anyone’s radar before San Diego comic con where it generated some much needed buzz. In Time takes place in a world where people stop ageing at age 25 and then live on borrowed or purchased time which is displayed on their wrist. Justin Timberlake plays Will Salas a man who at age 25 is suddenly given more time than he can imagine and finds himself on the run from a corrupt police force lead by Cillian Murphy’s timekeeper. Will kidnaps spoilt rich kid Sylvia played by Amanda Seyfried and she is drawn into the deadly conspiracy. The trailer is very Total Recall esque and it’s been a while since we have had one of these fun run around in a future setting films. Truthfully I’m still not sure I fully understand the plot but Andrew Niccol wrote The Truman Show and directed the underrated Gattaca and Lord of War so I think the film will have a huge brain on its shoulders. This is also a film that represents a major step forward for Justin Timberlake as an actor, carrying his first major action lead. If he pulls it off then good times are no doubt ahead for the man as an actor. This could be one of the season’s genuine surprises.

Released: November 1st

Straw Dogs

The Players: James Marsden, Kate Bosworth and Alexander Skaargaard. Directed by Rod Lurie.

The Buzz: Another season, another remake but is this a redundant sort of remake like the Friday the 13th redux or Nightmare on Elm Street? Or is it something that actually has something to add to a classic? The story finds James Marsden replacing Dustin Hoffman as a studious sort on holiday in the countryside with his Mrs played by Kate Bosworth when some shady types from her past (including True Blood’s Alexander Skaarsgaard) show up and start to harass them. The husband must unleash his primal animal side in order to survive and defend his life. Straw Dogs is regarded as something of a classic in Sam Peckinpah’s output. I would be all ready to write this off except it comes from filmmaker Rod Lurie who made the underrated films The Contender and The Last Castle. They have made the decision to relocate the action from rural Cornwall to the American Deep South which could give the whole thing an I Spit on Your Grave feeling. The jury is out on this one

Released: November 4th


The Players: Henry Cavill, Frieda Pinto, Stephen Dorff and Mickey Rourke. Directed by Tarsem Singh.

The Buzz: Immortals is an exciting film for two reasons. One it gives us new Superman Henry Cavill in his first major leading role and two it’s the new film from Tarsem Singh who proved all his critics wrong with his last film The Fall which was gorgeous to look at as well as having an interesting and moving plot at its core. Immortals tells a tale of a Greek warrior Theseus (Cavill) chosen by Zeus to take on King Hyperion who is played by Mickey Rourke and has declared war on humanity. Theseus recruits a band of warriors including a psychic priestess and a cunning slave to take on Hyperion’s marauding hordes. The trailer for this film is pretty much identical to the trailers for 300 which is a shame because the film should be allowed to stand on its own. What the trailers don’t show you are the epic showers of gore that the film has which wowed people at San Diego comic con in July. Will this be on a par with The Fall or 300? Or will it be an empty style exercise like Singh’s film The Cell? Time will tell, one thing is for sure it will look beautiful.

Released: November 11th

Piranha 3DD

The Players: Katrina Bowden, Danielle Panabaker and Christopher Lloyd. Directed by John Gulager.

The Buzz: Not much is known about this follow up to 2010’s guiltiest of guilty pleasures Piranha 3D. They certainly seem to have the right director in place; John Gulager is the insane low budget genius behind the Feast trilogy which you should see just for how outrageous it is. The crazy plot has the prehistoric Piranha’s from the first movie find their way into the plumbing (?!?!) and into swimming pools and finally a water park. So yeah plot is typically crazy and hopes are high that this brings the epic slaughter that the first movie brought with just as much nudity and sleaze. Christopher Lloyd pops up again in his crazed paleontologist role and somehow Ving Rhames is in the film again despite his characters having died in the first movie. Great trash or just trash? The absence of a trailer (as of time of writing) makes me think this may well move release date or even debut on DVD.

Released: November 23rd

The Thing

The Players: Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Joel Edgerton and Ulrich Thomsen. Directed by Matthijs Van Heijningen Jr.

The Buzz: There is an awful lot riding on The Thing. For one thing it’s another studio putting its might behind another installment in a series where the first film was an almighty flop. That didn’t work as well as hoped with Tron Legacy last December. This is a prequel to the John Carpenter classic and if the makers are to be believed, then you should be able to seamlessly transition from the end of this movie into the beginning of the 1982 film. It’s generally a bad sign when a film moves release date, this has moved from April, to October and now comes out early December. Hopefully this will be the anti-Christmas movie we hope for every year and will bring buckets of blood and gore with a bleak tone to match the John Carpenter film. If it’s a success will we get a sequel to the 1982 film? We’ll see, but I wonder if the producers have ever read the 1992 Dark Horse comic sequel ‘The Thing From Another World’ that’s a good starting point.

Released: December 2nd

Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol

The Players: Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, Paula Patton and Simon Pegg. Directed by Brad Bird.

The Buzz: The fourth Mission Impossible movie represents the live action directorial debut of Brad Bird who has made some of the most beloved animated films of modern times. This one is overseen by the director of the third film JJ Abrams in a producing capacity which is something that fills me with confidence. You may hate lens flares but you can’t deny that anything Abrams lends his name to has a superior quality sheen to it. The plot seems to revolve around Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and his IMF squad (including Simon Pegg and Paula Patton) being framed by someone for bombing the Kremlin and fighting to find out who is responsible. Cue gunfights, high rise stunts and genius disguises. Rumours has it that Jeremy Renner as Brandt, is actually an actor and character being groomed to lead the franchise in future installments. Could Cruise’s character actually die at the end? Or just retire? I know the second movie has massive problems but I happen to love the Mission Impossible movies so far. Will Brad Bird make a good director of actual people though? Hard to say, others have tried to break out of animation and failed. No doubt this is the one to beat this Christmas.

Released: December 26th


The Players: Chloe Moretz, Asa Butterfield and Christopher Lee. Directed by Martin Scorsese.

The Buzz: Martin Scorsese’s latest film is his first shot in that new fangled 3D format and also his first out and out kid’s movie. Based on much loved novel The Invention of Hugo Cabaret this takes place in 1930’s Paris and follows a boy who lives in the walls of a train station and the mystery that surrounds his father and a robot he invented. This film features Chloe Moretz, Jude Law and Christopher Lee in a film that Scorcese thinks is about nothing less than the birth of cinema. This could be superior entertainment aimed at the young 'uns this Christmas or it could go completely over their heads. One to look forward to…

Released: December 2nd

Sherlock Holmes – A Game of Shadows

The Players: Robert Downey Jr, Jude Law, Noomi Rapace and Jared Harris. Directed by Guy Ritchie.

The Buzz: I don’t think anyone expected Guy Ritchie’s first Sherlock Holmes movie to be as downright fun as it was. The film had flaws for sure, the plot was a little simplistic for one but the action was stylish and exciting and Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr have a chemistry that money can’t buy. The film series has now been overshadowed a tad by the superior BBC series Sherlock which is frankly just brilliantly written. The second movie moves out of London for a plot that involves the devious Moriarty (Jared Harris) and Noomi Rapace’s mysterious gypsy/love interest. If this film lives up to the potential of the first movie then it could take over from Iron Man as Downey Jr’s most successful franchise or it could get lost entirely in the shuffle between Hugo and Mission Impossible. I just hope that this time the plot is an ingenious as Downey Jr’s portrayal of everyone’s favourite eccentric detective.

Released: December 16th

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The Players: Daniel Craig, Rooney Mara, Stellan Skaarsgaard and Christopher Plummer. Directed by David Fincher.

The Buzz: This makes no sense to me and I am disappointed that one of my favourite directors David Fincher is actually doing this. A remake of the Swedish original but based in Sweden still with English speaking actors playing the same roles and scenarios seen in the already very good original film. This will no doubt appeal to the millions who already read the book but couldn’t be bothered to read the subtitles for the perfectly adequate Swedish language films. Seriously Fincher did you not have anything better to do? Could we not finally get the long in development Rendezvous with Rama? I like the way that when some unknown does a remake then everyone is up in arms, as soon as someone established and admired decides to slum it and do the same thing then nobody says anything. By and large people seem to be looking forward to this. For me this seems redundant but I will withhold judgment until I have seen the film. No doubt I’ll be angered further during awards season when the film is celebrated by people who pretend the original never happened.

Released: December 26th


The Players: Evan Glodell, Tyler Dawson and Jessie Wiseman. Written and Directed by Evan Glodell.

The Buzz: Bellflower is an ultra independent film that has had serious good online buzz and word of mouth from our stateside cousins since playing film festivals there for a while. The film follows two misfit friends who are obsessed with the Mad Max films (specifically the second one) and have created a muscle car, flamethrowers and a fictional gang ready for the coming apocalypse. The plot then kicks into dangerous and disturbing territory when one of them gets a girlfriend who comes between their friendship. Apparently this is the kind of low budget genius that we see all too rarely. When it will get a proper UK release is still up in the air but it should be this season at some point. Failing that, import the region 1 DVD.

Released: TBC

The Darkest Hour

The Players: Emile Hirsch, Max Minghella, Rachael Taylor and Olivia Thirlby. Directed by Chris Gorak.

The Buzz: Yet another alien invasion film rolls off the production line and after Skyline and Battle LA hopes are not high. But wait a minute, the aliens in this thing look genuinely unique and their reason for being here actually seems to be different from your usual intergalactic menace. The film starts with young students Emile Hirsch and Max Minghella having their good time Russian holiday in Moscow rudely interrupted by invisible aliens who invade and start sucking on our power supply. Director Chris Gorak made the underrated and intense bomb going off film Right at Your Door so knows how to crank the tension out of terrifying scenarios. The recent trailer looks suitably intense with some great set pieces and it certainly makes a change from seeing Los Angeles devastated. Could be the next Skyline or could be actually a pretty good way to spend a couple of hours behind 3D glasses. The studio seems confident as they have taken the bold step of releasing the film on Christmas day stateside, they must be on to something.

Released: January 13th

Underworld: Awakening

The Players: Kate Beckinsale, Michael Ealy, Stephen Rea and Charles Dance. Directed by Mans Marlins and Bjorn Stein.

The Buzz: The fourth film in the seemingly unstoppable Underworld franchise is set some years after the second film with Kate Beckinsale back in the fold as Selene, who awakens in captivity. Selene discovers that the world has cottoned on to the existence of Lycans and Vampires and they are at war with mankind. This leads to lots of slow motion gunplay, leather and bad CGI. Hopes are not high for this film from Shelter directors Mans Marlind and Bjorn Stein now with added 3D, could be a guilty pleasure though to beat the January blues.

Released: January 20th


The Players: Clive Owen, Carice Van Houten, Daniel Bruhl and Kerry Fox. Directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo.

The Buzz: The latest from 28 weeks later director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo has been moved around the schedules for a while now. Clive Owen and Carice Van Houten play parents of a child increasingly disturbed by something living in the dark shadows at night, but is there something more human and closer to home at work? This looks very similar to Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark on the surface but the trailer promises some kind of twist on a familiar formula. Recent years and films such as The Others and The Orphanage have proved that Spanish directors do this kind of dark ghost story really well so there isn’t much to worry about. This kind of intense psychological thriller is currently in vogue so could hit big in January.

Released: January 27th

The Muppets

The Players: Kermit the frog, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, Fozzy Bear, Jason Segel and Amy Adams. Directed by James Bobin.

The Buzz: The Muppets are back! And it’s a cause for celebration because the people behind their return actually seem like they know what they are doing. Jason Segal is the man behind the script for this and it's not based on a previous classic like A Christmas Carol or Treasure Island with Muppets inserted into the plot, this time it’s what sounds like a romantic comedy with added Muppets as they try and help Mr Segal woo the cute as a button Amy Adams. Flight of the Conchords main man James Bobin is the director and he knows a thing or two about quirky comedy. The ads and trailers all produced so far have really traded on the nostalgia that generation X probably has towards The Muppets and to be honest it works. Will kids today be as enthralled with Kermit, Fozzy and Miss Piggy etc as they were back in the early 80s? We’ll see, in these times of computer generated wizardry, blackberry’s and Twitter a bunch of puppets are a hard sell but so far they seem to be doing everything right.

Released: February 10th 2012

The FP

The Players: Jason Trost, Lee Valmassy, Art Hsu and Dash Mihok. Written and Directed by Brandon and Jason Trost.

The Buzz: Trust me when I say that The FP is the new Hobo with a Shotgun. It’s primed for cult massiveness and is enjoyably retro in the way that Hobo was. A labour of love for filmmakers Brandon and Jason Trost, The film takes place in a post apocalyptic future where gangs control the streets. They don’t fight in the streets despite fierce rivalry. Instead they settle their differences in an arcade and specifically on one of those Dance Dance Revolution machines where you have to match the funky dance moves shown on screen with your feet. The costumes and dialogue are reminiscent of early 80s John Carpenter knock offs that filled video shelves back in the day with sweatbands and leather all over the place. Trust me, check out the trailer on youtube, it's going to be massive! So far Drafthouse Films, the US distributor of Four Lions have picked it up for release. It’s only a matter of time before someone in the UK returns the favour.

Released: TBC

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

The Players: Nicolas Cage, Idris Elba, Ciaran Hinds and Christopher Lambert. Directed by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor

The Buzz: So the first Ghost Rider film wasn’t all that, it came along at the beginning of a period where Nicolas Cage stopped giving a damn and started churning out three lacklustre films a year. It was too restrained and too reliant on big stars to be a proper take on Marvel's demonic biker. It made just about enough money to get a sequel though and it comes out early next year. I would be all ready to write this one off except that the people behind the camera are the bane of Artie Fufkin and Kris Heys' existence; the manic duo of Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, those people behind the Crank franchise. The trailer is crazy good fun and it seems that all restraint has gone out of the window and we are in for one hell of a good time at the flicks. This time around the effects seem to have been improved as well with Cage playing the flaming skulled avenger in a motion capture suit so it’s not totally a CG creation. Of course the final result could be unwatchable bilge with Ghost Rider pissing flames all over any chance it ever had at being good but things look promising so far.

Released: February 22nd

The Woman in Black

The Players: Daniel Radcliffe, Ciaran Hinds, Janet McTeer and Roger Allam. Directed by James Watkins.

The newly revamped Hammer films hasn’t really lived up to the legacy of its old incarnation thus far. Let Me In was a flop despite being a rare decent remake and The Resident was average seen it all before cobblers. They have it all to prove with The Woman in Black. The film is based on the book by Susan Hill and subsequent west end production that has been around for a number of years. Jane Goldman, Jonathan Ross’s missus and writer of Stardust and Kick-Ass is the screenwriter so we are in safe hands there. Director James Watkins has written some effective horror movies in recent years and directed the frankly devastating Eden Lake. This is also Daniel Radcliffe’s first major post Potter role. So there is a lot riding on this one and the trailer is suitably creepy. Could be a big film for people tired of 'found footage' nonsense or it's possible that by then some kind of creepy fatigue could have set in with these types of films and nobody will care.

Released: February 10th

Hansel and Gretel – Witch Hunters

The Players: Jeremy Renner, Gemma Arterton, Famke Janssen and Peter Stormare. Directed by Tommy Wirkola

The Buzz: Another European horror director goes to Hollywood and leaves his freedom and creative spirit at the gates, or could it be different this time out? Tommy Wirkola directed the low budget and inventive Nazi horror movie Dead Snow a couple of years back which has its fans but didn’t set the world alight when released. This film tells the tale of what happens to Grimm fairy tales stalwarts Hansel and Gretel fifteen years after their encounter in a gingerbread house and their lives as bounty hunters. This is also notable for being a big test in leading roles for its two leads Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton who have much hype behind them without so far demonstrating they can carry a big blockbuster. Little else is known about it at this stage, could be the beginnings of the next Guillermo Del Toro or could be another Brothers Grimm level damp squib.

Released: March 2nd

John Carter

The Players: Taylor Kitsch, Lynn Collins, Willem Dafoe, Mark Strong and Dominic West. Directed by Andrew Stanton

The Buzz: The new year seems to be chock a block with movies that are a big risk, either for their studio or for the careers of the talent involved. Perhaps the biggest though in the opening months of 2012 is Disney’s take on Edgar Rice Burroughs' classic pulp books John Carter of Mars, here shortened to just John Carter. This film is based on the first John Carter book, A Princess of Mars and follows civil war veteran John as he is transported to Mars and caught up in a fight to save a princess surrounded by fantastical creatures. This has been through the development process for years, at one point it was supposed to be directed by either Robert Rodriguez or Kerry Conran. The job finally fell to Andrew Stanton, director of Wall-E and Finding Nemo, a director not experienced in live action story telling. The trailer released so far is very much a teaser and shows little of the reportedly stunning effects work. Edgar Rice Burroughs geeks also have not been that pleased about the portrayal and title change. Everyone else seems to be scratching their heads at the moment. Is John Carter imagining this whole thing? How is he able to breathe on Mars? Hopefully they put out a big epic trailer that really sells this as the new Avatar around Christmas time and explains a little more about why we should care. There is no other real competition in early March where typically the first of the years big films start to emerge so this could do big business if it can get over the awareness hurdle.

Released: March 9th


The Players: Josh Hutcherson, Spencer Locke and Dane Cook. Directed by Joseph Kahn

The Buzz: Let’s not mince words, Joseph Kahn’s first film Torque is one of the worst films ever made. It’s incoherent and inept and has nothing but contempt for the audience it tries to pander to. After that disaster Kahn went back to music videos but now has another film finally coming out. Detention on the surface at least, seems to be an atypical high school slasher movie but apparently also takes in a time travel sub plot as well as a student mutating into a fly. Opinion seems to be polarized with some proclaiming this as an instant cult classic and others calling it confused drivel. It went down well at Frightfest this past August. One thing is for sure; this will be unlike anything you have seen before. Could this be the film that Scream 4 should have been? No confirmed release date as yet but online reputation and word of mouth is growing so it should appear early next year.

Released: TBC

Which of these movies are you readers most looking forward to? Let us know in the Comments or on Twitter @Starburst_Mag

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