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Starburst recently caught up with The Walking Dead’s Executive Producer, Gale Anne Hurd to discuss the highly-anticipated Season 4 premiere and her latest project, a pilot for USA...

Starburst: So much to discuss! We left pretty much all of our characters at the end of Season 3 in a state of upheaval – we lost Andrea and Milton, and Daryl just had to go through the horrific ordeal of “killing” his own brother Merle after he turned into a Walker – how will this affect his interactions with the group?

Gale Anne Hurd: After such a horrific experience, an individual either retreats and closes themselves off to others, or they allow themselves to heal emotionally by connecting to their support system. Even though Daryl is physically the most capable of surviving the zombie apocalypse, he’s also one of the most traumatized, by his past and by recent events like having to kill the zombie Merle.

The dynamic between the brothers was such an incredible facet of Season 3. Is there a particular relationship in this upcoming season that you’re especially excited about?

I’m very excited to see the dynamic of father/son play out between Rick and Carl. We haven’t seen Rick be much of a parent to his son, and he’s certainly no role model in that department. I think Rick has realised that and is hoping to make amends this season. We’ll see if that’s even possible…

Can you give us any details about your upcoming pilot for USA, Horizon?

Certainly. It stars Cary Elwes, Ruth Bradley, Meg Steedle, Taylor Handley and Mark Famiglietti. [It’s] 1942, during the height of WWII, and American soldier George Webb is killed in combat. His wife Lauren, a secretary in the FBI war office, is delivered the news without any details. Discovering a secret file called “Horizon,” Lauren realises similarities between George’s death and the mysterious disappearance of a local girl whose father has turned to the FBI seeking help. Lauren initiates a secret investigation into “Horizon,” uncovering a giant conspiracy linked to the United States government, Nazi spies and the fate of all humanity. [I] will executive produce through Valhalla Entertainment, with writer and co-executive producer Bridget Tyler (Burn Notice) and Universal Cable Productions.

Getting serious for a second – you are one of my idols, I really look up to you and what you’ve accomplished in film and TV – do you have advice for women who want to step behind the camera?

Never give up – but make sure you’ve done all of your homework so that when opportunity knocks, you’re ready for the challenges and obstacles you’re bound to encounter.

Season 4 of THE WALKING DEAD premieres this Sunday in the US, October 13th (AMC) at 9pm, and in the UK on October 18th (FOX).

Image: Gene Page courtesy of AMC

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