Feature: The Best Social Media Games for Mobile Devices


Since the start of the 21st century we have been subjected to a parade of social media platforms, with one seemingly making way for the next. However, it now seems that we have settled on Facebook for the time being – but for how long? Nevertheless, the rise of social media has also coincided with an upsurge in the technological development of mobile devices, and joining those two forces you have games. The end result is the powerful trident of social media games for mobile devices. But before you start playing, take a moment to consider the best of such games.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance

The Avengers have been hot property since the film was released into cinemas in 2012, attracting the attendance of millions of moviegoers the world over. Typically when an intellectual property such as The Avengers becomes obscenely popular, the owners of said media will then seek to generate as much revenue as possible out of it. In this instance it has been achieved through Marvel: Avengers Alliance.

The game was developed by Playdom and was first released onto Facebook in March 2012, then followed on Apple iOS in June a couple of months later. The expansion of the property enabled players to enjoy the social media game in a mobile capacity, thereby dramatically increasing its potential.

Players get to experience a turn-based fighting system where they will pit their heroes against those of other players. Heroes can be within six different character classes, so there is a strong element of strategy to the game. The calibre of the game was recognised when it won the award for ‘Best Social Game’ at the Video Game Awards 2012. Soon the game will be arriving on other platforms, but in the meantime check out some cool social games based on movies for android.

Words with Friends

Where Avengers Alliance is an action-packed superhero fighting game with tactical elements, Words with Friends operates at an altogether different pace. It is multi-player in format and requires you to take turn building words in a puzzle context.

What impresses about the game is that it is available across a number of different platforms, so Android, Windows and Kindle players can also join in alongside Apple players. Games can be played through Facebook, thereby giving the social angle. It may seem slower than Avengers Alliance but it is no less addictive.

Classical Updates

  • Tetris Battle – Few games can beat the vintage quality of Tetris. Tetris Battle is played over both Facebook and mobile devices and challenges you to defeat competing players in a battle of blocks.
  • Social Bingo – Forget having to go to bingo halls in person when you could use your mobile instead. There are lots of different options for playing social bingo games with your friends. For some tips and recommendations on social bingo apps you should check out www.bingoonmobile.co.uk.

There is a game there for every interest. Start with any of the above games and you will be sold on the social mobile gaming experience in no time!

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