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With Skyfall finally out on DVD and Blu-ray, the time has come to turn our attention to the future and, more specifically, Bond 24. So here are 7 things Starburst would like to see when James Bond returns....

[Warning, this piece contains Skyfall spoilers!] 


This may seem like a minor quibble to non-Bond fans, but it’s a biggie for a lot of us. Bond films shouldn’t start the same way that any other film does. There is a comfort in seeing that white dot move across a black screen before Bond walks into it. It lets us know we’re in good hands. That we’re in official hands and not some poor Kevin McClory Bond knock-off!


Okay, we admit, the whole QUANTUM thing didn’t really come off in Quantum Of Solace, but they are still out there in the Bond-verse and nobody likes loose ends. And in the right hands there is a lot of potential in the idea of it as a modern day SPECTRE, but within the boundaries of the new “grounded” Bond. 


So we've been told now that MI6 don’t really go in for exploding pens anymore, but there is always a place in Bond for a few 'out there' gadgets. We're not saying we should go the way of an invisible car again, but a few smaller gadgets would be nice. Maybe they could dust off Little Nellie!


As the DB5 was blown up at the end of Skyfall, Bond needs a new car for his private use (not the Q branch issued car). Odds are the DB5 will reappear at some point, but if EON are looking to go another way; how about the Aston Martin V8 Vantage from The Living Daylights? It’s a great looking vehicle, taps back into Bond history and is an Aston (Bond's car of choice). If you really want to get picky and point out that the V8 was blown up, why not go for DBS from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service?


So far we’ve had two films where Craig wasn’t quite Bond yet and then we were given Craig as a Bond that was passed it. You could argue that being not-quite-Bond is Craig’s thing, but the end of Skyfall gave us our strongest indication yet that the next time we see Craig as the character, he will be the full-Bond. Then again, Casino Royale and Quantum Of Solace kind of promised us the same thing and then didn’t deliver it, so Bond 24 is finally the time to show us Craig’s Bond Prime!


With the Bond family back in place (with a new M, Moneypenny and Q back where they belong) how about bringing back the extended family and writing Felix Leiter back in. And if you do bring Leiter back, bring Jeffrey Wright back to play him to. It’s nice to have some continuity in the role for a change. If Wright is unable to play the part again, I’m sure David Hedison would like a shot as regaining his title as the actor to have played Leiter the most. 


While we have to admit that the Casino Royale poster had a nice classy feel to it (although it wasn’t as cool as the teaser poster), the Quantum Of Solace posters and (particularly) the Skyfall posters have been incredibly dull. Casino and Quantum went for the Daniel Craig walking towards you style of poster (in style of the first two Bourne movies) for their main campaigns and Skyfall went for the Craig looking like he kind of needs a 002 at the next available port-a-loo. The 'Bond lying in the dirt shooting' poster for Skyfall had a quite nice, clean sort of look to it, but it didn’t scream 007. The Brosnan Bond posters (especially The World Is Not Enough) had a great Bond feel to them and it would be nice to bring some of that Bond poster magic back.

Note: Originally this list included the return of David Arnold, but with the news that Sam Mendes may return, it’s a safe bet that Thomas Newman (who did a great job on Skyfall to be fair) will return to. We'd also like to add as a footnote for the DVD/Blu-ray release that they pull out the stops and give us some better special features. It’s fair to say that all of the Bond DVDs/Blu-rays from Goldeneye onward have had lacklustre bonus material at best, especially when put up against the Ultimate Editions of Dr. No through to Licence To Kill.

But that’s just what we think. Why not tell us what you'd like to see in Bond 24 in the comments below...

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