Feature: 10 Must Have Christmas Gifts!

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Top Ten Christmas Toys

Imagine the scene, it’s Christmas Day and you are surrounded by relatives, wrapping paper and chocolate wrappers. Christmas Dinner sits heavily in your stomach fighting for space with the sherry and mince pies that seemed such a good idea at 10 am. Once more you’ve missed the Queen’s speech and are faced with the prospect of a game of Charades, Monopoly or even worse! The question is ‘How do I survive until Doctor Who?!’

The answer is to make sure you get the right gifts on your list to Santa and courtesy of Starburst here are 10 must have items which, if you’re quick, can still be ordered in time for the big day. Enjoy!

Doctor Who Watch

The first thing you need on Christmas Day to count down the minutes until The Snowmen is a Doctor Who pocket watch. This will allow you to countdown the hours and minutes until you need to focus on the TV and meet the new companion.

Dalek Christmas Tree Ornament

Next check the Christmas tree as you switch on the lights. Is your Dalek ornament still looking good?

Zombie Brain Flavour Mints

You may decide on a walk to work up an appetite for dinner. More likely you will be trying to find a garage with batteries and unable to drive due to several glasses of mulled wine. Don’t step outside without taking off your Brain Flavour Zombie Mints just in case the undead are on the prowl.

Red Dwarf Mug

Once you get home it must be time for another drink! The best way to hide that early G&T is in your Jupiter Mining Corporation Mug.

Titanium Straw

Make sure you get some ice cubes, and you’ll also need a straw – Titanium of course!

Jedi Path Vault Edition

After lunch why not practice your command of The Force with the Jedi Training Manual (Vault edition of course)?

Tolkien and the Great War Book

After dinner what could be a better conversation piece than the story of how the Great War influenced Tolkien in his creation of Middle Earth?


Nearly time for Doctor Who and of course a delightful cup of tea from your TARDIS teapot. Sadly this one isn’t bigger on the inside so plan your drinking carefully!

Star Trek Boxers

Finally you get to the end of the day and surely you or the man in your life would want their very own, licensed Star Trek Boxers? The fun never stops!

101 Science Fiction Novels

And what better way to spend the time in bed than flicking through this list of Science Fiction: 101 Best Novels 1985-2010?

That’s our pick of ten gifts for science fictions fans everywhere – we’re off to help Santa sort out those reindeer! (Other flying steeds are available. Snow, zombies and mulled wine cannot be guaranteed).

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