Comics: Noteworthy New Releases for October 17th

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Wind down from the flood of news from NYCC with this week’s new comics. With these releases, we welcome back some old faces, gallivant about space, bid farewell to a few Uncanny friends, and deal with the ramifications of the most talked about kiss in comics.

Justice League #13


Story by: Geoff Johns / Art by: Tony Daniel and Richard Friend / Covers by: Tony Daniel, Richard Friend, Cameron Stewart

From DC Comics: GEOFF JOHNS is joined by TONY DANIEL for a two-part chapter in the Justice League saga marching toward TRINITY WAR. JUSTICE LEAGUE #12 will have the world debating its shocking conclusion – and where it will lead from here! The League takes on a villain destined to be one of the greatest threats to the DC Universe in the year ahead – the mysterious Cheetah! But who is she? What is her connection to Wonder Woman? And how will this fundamentally change the relationships within the team? Plus: The next chapter of the SHAZAM! backup epic by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank.

Catwoman #13


Story by: Ann Nocenti / Art by: Rafa Sandoval and Jordi Tarragona / Cover by: Andy Clark 

From DC Comics: New series writer Ann Nocenti takes Catwoman deep under cover! Catwoman is the best thief in the world, but stealing another person is a new challenge! The true origin of Selina Kyle revealed!

Nightwing #13

Story by: Kyle Higgins / Art by: Eddy Barrows, Roy Jose, and Eber Ferreira / Cover by: Eddy Barrows

From DC Comics: Lady Shiva makes her New 52 debut! Why has one of the world’s most deadly assassins returned to Gotham City?

Red Hood and the Outlaws #13

Story by: Scott Lobdell / Art by: Timothy Green /  Cover by: Kenneth Rocafort

From DC Comics: The conclusion of Starfire’s battle for the throne of Tamaran as she is reunited with her sister, Blackfire! Plus: The appearance of someone very bad from for Jason Todd’s past.

Womanthology: Space #2

Story by: Blair Butler, Joelle Sellner, Ellise Heiskell, Stacie Ponder / Art by: Alicia Fernandez, Jean Kang, Maarta Laiho / Cover by: Renae DeLiz

From IDW: In the second issue of the groundbreaking series,we take a look at all sorts of "aliens". From Blair Butler and Alicia Fernandez's inspiring tale of the first female astronaut, to the oddity of finding out what your co-workers REALLY are in a fun and creepy piece by Joelle Sellner and Jean Kang, it's a weird wide world out there. And down here.

Cyber Force #1

Story by: Marc Silvestri and Matt Hawkins / Art by: Khoi Pham and Sunny Gho / Cover by: Marc Silvestri

From Image Comics: Top Cow celebrates its 20th anniversary with the return of the series that started it all: CYBER FORCE! Carin Taylor, codenamed Velocity, has escaped from the CDI-controlled Millennium City and is desperately trying to find the one man she believes can help her prevent the end of the world. When she runs a group of other CDI escapees, will they help her... or turn their backs?

Captain Marvel #5

Story by: Kelly Sue DeConnick / Art by: Emma Rios and Jordie Bellaire / Cover by: Terry Dodson, Rachel Dodson, Joe Quinones

From Marvel: Carol lives every 99ers dream! Toe-to-toe with some of best pilots in American history. Captain Marvel turned thief?!

Hawkeye #3

Story by: Matt Fraction / Art by: David Aja and Matt Hollingsworth / Cover by: David Aja

From Marvel: What is the Vagabond Code? Barton and Bishop mean Double the Hawkeye...and Double the trouble. Fraction and Aja are back with a chase that will blow not only your mind, but several your ancestors’ minds as well.

Ultimate Comics Iron Man #1


Story by: Nathan Edmondson / Art by: Matteo Buffagni and Andy Troy / Cover by: Frank Stockton and Gabriele Dell’Otto

From Marvel: "Demon in the Armor?” What dark motivation drives reckless Tony Stark to be one of Earth’s greatest heroes? Who or what is Ultimate Mandarin?

Uncanny X-Men #20

Story by: Keiron Gillen / Art By: Carlos Pacheco & Roger Bonet / Cover by: Carlos Pacheco, Roger Bonet, Guru-eFX, Mike Deodato, Rain Beredo, & David Marquez

From Marvel: The fallout of AVX is here! We can’t tell you anything without spoiling AVX!

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