Feature: MEGA CITY'S MOST WANTED – 10 Villains We Want To See In DREDD Sequels

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Mega City One's most persistent threat comes from an alternate dimension aptly named Deadworld. After noticing that all crime was committed by the living, Judge Death decreed that all life must be a crime. Transformed by a duo of like-minded witches into an immortal killing machine, Death sought out other dimensions to judge. He is usually accompanied by fellow Dark Judges Fire (literally on fire), Fear (to look into his face is to die of fright) and Mortis (his touch brings decay). They were responsible for Necropolis, during which they transformed Mega City into their own private Deadworld.


The Angel gang first appeared trying to manipulate the valuable Judge Child to their own ends. The notorious Cursed Earth crime family consist of Pa, Fink, Link, Junior and Mean Angel. When it was decided that baby Mean just wasn't mean enough, Pa had him surgically transformed into the Mean Machine; his temper controlled by a dial on his forehead. Although incredibly stupid, Mean has been a persistent threat to Dredd over the years. However, a happy ending: he was finally rehabilitated and passed into the custody of his estranged son.


One of Mega City's most insidious threats emerged from the most unlikely of beginnings. PJ Maybe was a boy genius who committed his first murder at the tender age of 12. Escaping the mental asylum in which he had been imprisoned by Dredd, Maybe amassed a fortune and faked his own death. He was elected mayor of Mega City One, despite the fact his mass-murdering ways remained intact. He attempted to murder the Chief Judge however, and the game was up. PJ Maybe remains at large. He recently amassed a collection of Dark Judges, having trapped them in a wine bottle during their rampage in Day of Chaos.


Dredd's most notable test tube brother was sent to the penal colony of Titan after his little sibling (Dredd is his junior by 12 minutes) arrested him for corruption. He returned to Earth seeking retribution, but Dredd shot him dead during a duel. Like most of Dredd's enemies, Rico stayed dead. However, he returns occasionally in flashback and his alternate universe self-made an appearance during Helter Skelter.


Like his Roman namesake, Cal was a despotic madman who brought Mega City One to ruin during his short reign. With his Goldfish and then a man-eating alien named Grampus the Klegg planted as his deputies, Cal implemented a number of ridiculous laws (making happiness illegal) and punishments (he had a confidante pickled because he looked stressed). Dredd rebelled, and Cal was overthrown just as he attempted to execute the whole city with nerve gas. Like Rico, he returned during Helter Skelter for Dredd to kill him all over again.


During a routine training mission in the Cursed Earth, Dredd and a small group of cadets were shocked to find themselves at the centre of a zombie apocalypse. They fought their way back to Mega City One, only to find that the thing had gone global. The man responsible was Sabbat, an alien necromancer who wore a ponytail, pointed Spock ears and a cloak made up of screaming faces. After bringing the whole world to its knees, Sabbat was defeated by an alliannce between Dredd and bounty hunter Johnny Alpha. His undead head currently rests upon his own power source, occasionally bringing the odd zombie to (un)life but otherwise powerless.


Marlon Shakespeare, AKA Chopper, is one of the rogues gallery who highlights the lawman’s firm but unfair outlook. Chopper is essentially a sympathetic character, one of the Big Meg's bored, lost young people. He started out as a graffiti artist defacing Mega City structures (his scrawl can be seen graffiti'd on a wall in Dredd 3D's Peach Tree block) before being apprehended by Dredd. He re-emerged as a sky-surfer; a dangerous and illegal hobby which Dredd did not look kindly upon at all. As Mega City chanted his name, Chopper became a public hero. He later escaped to Australia to compete in a sky-surfing competition. He was pursued by Dredd, but escaped again during an uncharacteristic hesitation from Dredd. The character proved so popular that he received his own spin-off series in 2000AD.


During the Judge Child Quest, Dredd encountered the alien sorcerer Murd the Oppressor and his pet toad, Sagbelly. To complete his quest, Dredd required a substance oozed from one of Sagbelly's warts. Neither Sagbelly nor his master were forthcoming, and Murd actually succeeded in killing Dredd. The Necromancer used his powers to resurrect Dredd, who promptly killed them both. Like Rico, he makes the odd appearance in flashback sequences (one of which revealed him to be mentor to none other than Sabbat the Necromagus). He was killed all over again in Helter Skelter.


War Marshall Kazan spearheaded East Meg One's attack upon Mega City, first bringing the city to its knees with a series of Block Wars, then unleashing nuke attacks upon the city to finish the job. It wasn't called the Apocalypse War for nothing – Dredd only just managed to defeat the Russian forces, obliterating East Meg One in the process.


Batman and Judge Dredd's paths have crossed four times so far. They may have made an uneasy alliance by the time they defeat the Joker and The Dark Judges combined in Die Laughing, but Dredd still regards Batman as a vigilante perp. Only thanks to a more understanding Judge Anderson did Batman escape a stint in the Iso-Cubes. Still, Batman put up a good fight, smashing Dredd's helmet and spending much of Judgement on Gotham beating up the fascist lawman. With the new movie's more realistic take on the source material, it wouldn't be too far beyond the pale to imagine a showdown between Karl Urban's Dredd and Christian Bale's Batman. Well, we can dream, can't we?


DREDD 3D is in UK cinemas now and from the 21st in the US. You can read our review HERE.

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