Comics: Noteworthy New Releases for August 1st

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Tired of medal counts? Sick of sports? Over the Olympics? Turn off the television and reward yourself for sitting through entire competitions of sports you didn’t know existed with this week’s new comics, where epidemics rage, mercenaries go off the deep end, and hawks have their day.

Hawkeye #1

Marvel is ready to capitalize on the success of this summer’s blockbuster phenomenon, The Avengers, with this new ongoing title starring Hawkeye. It isn’t the character’s first eponymous series but after Hawkeye proved to be so popular in the Avengers flick, Marvel is expecting a homerun with this one. The creative team behind Clint Barton’s solo exploits, writer Matt Fraction and artist David Aja, will give readers a glimpse into the life of the Avengers’ resident archer.

Earth 2 #4

Not to be outdone, DC is shining the spotlight on one of its own Accipitridae-inspired heroes. Hawkgirl is jumping into the fray with the team in Earth 2, alongside the Flash, Green Lantern, and a revamped Atom Smasher. Written by James Robinson, the book will feature art by Nicola Scott and Trevor Scott, with covers by Ivan Reis.

Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #1

What it says on the tin. In this book by writer Cullen Bunn and artist Dalibor Talajic, Deadpool has finally outdone his usually trigger happy self and is cutting a bloody path through this alternate version of the Marvel universe. Bunn has promised to show readers that the Merc with a Mouth is just as insanely deadly as he is funny.

Infected #1

IDW ‘s four issue comic book adaptation of the 1998 novel Infected looks to be as chilling and unsettling as its source material. Writer Scott Sigler and artist Chad Minshew breathe life into the dystopian world of Infected, where a mysterious epidemic is transforming people into homicidal maniacs. Former linebacker, Perry Dawsey finds himself at the mercy of the disease, but the voices in his head seem to want more than mere bloodshed.

Harvest #1

Image Comics brings us a new five issue mini-series from writer AJ Leiberman and artist Colin Lorimer that explores the shady world of black market organ harvesting. When the book’s protagonist, Dane, finds himself framed for murder after being recruited for a black market surgical team, Dane tries to turn the tables by reclaiming illegal organs from the very powerful people whose bodies contain them.

Animal Man #12 and Swamp Thing #12

These two books from DC are like peanut butter and chocolate – they taste best when they go together. Writer Jeff Lemire (Animal Man) has delivered a consistently excellent title since the New 52 relaunch and this crossover event with Scott Snyder’s Swamp Thing is set to raise the bar even higher. In this post-apocalyptic vision, the DCU finds itself divided as an evil entity called the Rot threatens to consume them all. Artists Yanick Paquette (Swamp Thing) and Steve Pugh (Animal Man) join Lemire and Snyder as they explore a world shaken by the power of the Rot.

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