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Book News: Starburst Team Up With Dana Fredsti for the PLAGUE TOWN Pandemic Tour

PrintE-mail Written by Starburst Wednesday, 04 April 2012

Book News

A lethal zombie virus will be infecting websites, blogs, forums and social media accounts across the globe from April 16th to celebrate the publication of the first novel in an action-packed new urban fantasy zombie series by Dana Fredsti (Plague Town, Titan Books, April 20th)!

To win a signed copy of Plague Town and the unprecedented chance to have a character named after you in the next novel in the series, Plague Nation, follow the spread of this virtual zombie pandemic by searching for a code hidden across nine articles, interviews and excerpts hosted by a selection of the top fantasy horror and books sites in UK & US, including none other than, Starburst!

A word is hidden in CAPS in each article; collect all nine and tweet the sentence you've discovered to @TitanBooks and @DanaFredsti with #PlagueTown before April 23rd. The winner will be selected at random from the tweeters.

Scientists predict that the outbreak will have reached Starburst by the 17th of April. Please check back to read an original article written by Dana Fredsti and for the chance to have a zombie named after you!

For details of all the stops on the tour:

Plague Town by Dana Fredsti is published by Titan Books, 20th April, £7.99.

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