Ibrahimović seeks to make his mark with online gaming app

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It is always intriguing to see what direction professional sport stars take as they reach the end of their careers. The possibilities are numerous: Some go into media, others take up coaching, while for many, it is a role in football management that appeals. A foray into the world of online gaming might sound a slightly more unusual move, but that is the route Zlatan Ibrahimović is looking to carve out, and it could be a shrewd one.

The Swedish international joined Manchester United from Paris Saint Germain on a free agency basis at the start of last year, an after some debate about whether he would stay or go, has ultimately signed for a further season with The Reds. However, given that he will soon be celebrating his 36th birthday, nobody is under any illusions that his time in the middle will soon be coming to an end.

The announcement of his new video game “Zlatan Legends” initially had critics sharpening their pens ready to give it the pasting that celebrity endorsed games often deserve, but this one could be a little different.

A passion for online gaming and apps

As a Premiership footballer, Ibrahimović is well aware of the major role that gaming apps, online betting sites and casinos play in modern society. Most of his fans on a Saturday afternoon at Old Trafford will have a smartphone in one hand as they mix watching the live action with checking the latest odds or visiting sites like https://www.toplivecasino.co.uk/live-casino-apps/ to download the most recent casino apps. However, where Ibrahimović differs from many of his contemporaries is that he is a huge fan of gaming apps himself.

One of the first rules of any kind of selling or endorsement is that you have to understand it and believe in it yourself if you expect to be taken seriously. Ibrahimović doesn’t just understand the importance of gaming apps as a crucial part of 21st century leisure, he is an active participant.

He told reporters: “It's something I love, I want to be involved and I want to make a difference in the video game world because it's part of my life.”

Stumping up the cash

Ibrahimović has also demonstrated that he is not all talk. The game has been developed by Swedish studio Isbithttp Games – and Ibrahimović is not just a figurehead, he also co owns the company.

As well as providing the financial backing, Ibrahimović has been involved with every step of the game’s development, consulting with the team throughout the game's two-year gestation.

What’s it all about?

So what is Zlatan Legends? The game essentially blends sport and fantasy. Players compete in a driftball type tournament, contested by players from different realities. The catch? Every player is a different version of Zlatan himself.

The game has received generally positive reviews, with praise for both the storyline and the arcade type features. Best of all, it is available to download for free, so there is nothing to lose in giving it a go.

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