Who Are Fantasy Games For?

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When it comes to gaming, it would be a bold action to doubt that there is something that has not been done somewhere at least once. This diversity means a world of opportunities, a sea of possibilities and making sure that there is something for anyone out there, no matter what their gaming needs and wants are.

One of the broader selections in terms of genre is fantasy. Sure, might wish to casually play some Romme (generally known as “rummy”), or other similar card or board games that can be rendered virtually, while others look for simulators or games that can represent or even mirror reality (hence the ubiquitous term of “realistic games”) but even if testing technology in order to see how close it can get to being a copycat to the real world is fun, there is no denying that another major strong point of gaming is making the impossible, the unlikely, the fantastic, into something that one can experience, be part of and enjoy.

Whether it is online or offline, examples of fantasy games are easily found. These are a valid door into the creative mind of the makers, for it is interesting to see how differently (or less so) people can work with a sum of pre-existent concepts. As said before, there is little (if anything) that has not been done yet, thus striving results from ingenuity and the novelty that one can spring from a given idea. For the purpose of giving an example, let’s take the dragons. Everybody loves dragons, don’t they? Anyway, these mythical creatures are simple as an idea, but they spread out into many different kinds (some that you may have not even heard of - wyrms, wyverns) and the way they are portrayed in games spans a multitude of ideas and combinations which result in a near-infinite palette of examples.

So, fantasy games are for those who wish to see things that cannot exist in real life. They are not looking for something realistic, but for the contrary - the mystic, the mysterious, the magical. And when this niche blends with others (such as fantasy-horror or fantasy-shooters, to name a couple), you can just imagine the whole new array of stuff that can be created - all for the joy of those who embrace gaming as their hobby.

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