Popular Video Game Characters Reinvented as Successful Casino Games

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Whichever console you grew up with, we all know the disappointment of completing a game only to have to wait for the next instalment in the series, which sometimes never came (unless it was Zelda’s still going strong).

Luckily, some of the best, most iconic video game characters received a new lease of life - after they were reinvented as super-rewarding online slot games.

Such as…

Tomb Raider

Two words: Lara. Croft.

Perhaps the most famous archaeologist (after Indiana Jones), this kick-ass lady has a new lease of life in the form of a successful comic book series, as well as the odd new movie release, but it’s the video game character that we’ll always fondly remember.

She really had it all - as the first lady of video games, Lara was more than just the standard damsel in distress - she got stuff done, and taught people lessons.

And nowadays, she lives on in an exciting slot (with epic added bonuses), known as - what else -  Tomb Raider. To check it out, and even play it for yourself, here’s an in-depth Tomb Raider slot game review, which lists all main features of this popular online game and its rewarding offers.


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope - it’s Superman, and we all know that by now.

Superman has long enjoyed success as star of his own comic book series, and later as a movie theatre draw. Of course, not all of the movies featuring Superman are as great as the classics, and that’s where Superman slots comes in.

You can create your own epic tale, rescuing hostages, capturing Lex Luthor and have an epic time saving the world, in the Save The World Bonus (you get the picture). This is one for both Clark Kent fans AND Superman wannabes.

Iron Man

Tony Stark’s had a great time of it recently - if the comic-turned-movie-star wasn't having enough time in the sun, Stark’s inclusion as a part of the Avenger’s crew definitely sealed the deal. And then came along the Iron Man-dedicated slots - three of them to be precise, with an attached growing progressive jackpot which, if you won, would enable you to make your own Iron Man suit. With the added flash bonus rounds, exciting power-ups and ‘All Systems Go’ free spins up for grabs, Iron Man’s three slot adventures were fun while they lasted.


If you haven't heard of Blade, then sit down. We’re going to teach you something.

Possibly one of the best comic book heroes of all time, Blade made vampires cool before it was a thing. Well, technically, half-vampires.

The character went on to enjoy some late-blooming success in his own movie, which later developed into a cult favorite. The half-man, half-vampire, 100% killing machine translated this awesome power to his very own flashy slot game, with up to 50 paylines, insane bonus rounds - and an appearance by Wesley Snipe as the Daywalker himself.

The Future of Marvel’s Slot Characters

It was great while the fun lasted, but some of the above real money slots have already been removed from all major online Casinos in Canada due to Marvel’s expired license with the casino games’ developer, Playtech (but don’t worry, there’s much more of where they came from, so you can get your kicks elsewhere).

In fact, these slot games will be rebranded into another exciting and popular Playtech series - Age of the Gods, with each Marvel star getting their own rebrand.

So actually, it’s just one more character evolution - from comic book hero to popular movie star, to slot game - to Greek god. And beyond.

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