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Sin City is a place of gambling sometimes a place of lust and money too. There are dreams and also illusions available by the bucket load, and because of this Las Vegas has been and continues to be a perfect setting for movies.

Las Vegas is also famous as a venue for Stag and Hen celebrations and draws a great deal of revenue from long weekends away with the 'lads' or 'girls.

Of course, not all of us can afford to go to Las Vegas direct but there are other things that we can use that provide the feeling of being there, especially as technology has advanced so much in the last few years.

There are some exceptional online casinos to enjoy and some of the best UK online casino time can be spent at sites like Top Mobile Casino. Here you can experience Vegas styled slots that offer the chance of a great win, progressive games and all the other most popular table and slots games about.

As was mentioned above technology advancements have had a direct effect upon online casino sites, and now players can enjoy high-end graphics, video and audio clips to enhance their time spent online.

Not only has the software advanced at a massive rate but so have the portable devices it runs. Now we can access our casino games via our mobile devices whenever and wherever we want to, it's no wonder a higher percentage of people access their mobile devices to make a bet over their computers.

To complete the whole Vegas feel we have compiled a list of five classic Las Vegas Movies of all time (in our opinion, of course!)

Casino (1995)

Deception, money, power, greed and ultimately murder occur between two best friends, a casino owner and a mafia underboss. What for? A trophy wife over a gambling empire.

The iconic film Casino (1995) was directed by the brilliant Martin Scorsese and was written by Nicholas Pileggi (the book and the screenplay).

Starring Robert De Niro in arguably one of his best roles, Sharon Stone and the exceptional acting of l Joe Pesci Casino has you hooked from the very beginning right through and for this reason alone deserves to be in the list of best Las Vegas Movies.

The Godfather (Part 2 – 1974)

Francis Ford Coppola continued the epic saga of the Corleone family two years after the original and it didn’t disappoint. Often this movie is regarded as the best sequel that was ever made, some even consider it superior to the original as it is so clever both in substance and style.

Honeymoon in Vegas (1992)

This excellent comedy starring Nicolas Cage takes us to the lighter side of Las Vegas. Finally biting the bullet and overcoming his fear of commitment Cage's character, Jack Singer is to marry Sarah Jessica Parker's character in Vegas, but unfortunately, he plays poker, loses, and is left with a massive debt.

Taking Singer's fiancee as 'payment' sets the scene for a hilarious weekend of antics as Singers tries to get her back. The Elvis Presley impersonators convention is not to be missed!

Leaving Las Vegas (1995)

Another Nicholas Cage movie but this one won him and Oscar catapulting him to the Hollywood greats. Directed by Mike Figgis, Cage plays an alcoholic who after losing his job and family visits Las Vegas to drink himself to death.

The film includes Elisabeth Shue who plays a prostitute and is the love element in this dark and sad tale of despair and addiction.

Ocean's Eleven (2001)

The Steven Soderbergh version is actually better than the 1960 Rat Pack original, which is rare for Hollywood. With a similar story, George Clooney (Danny Ocean) visits Vegas for a big score and some sweet revenge on the man who stole his girl.

With a crack team of con artists at his side, Clooney sets out to rob multiple casinos on the same night. If you take into consideration that the band of merry men contain: Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, Bernie Mac, Don Cheadle then you get the idea how amazing this movie is.

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