Why Pay If You Don't Have To?

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Mobile devices have advanced so much in the last few years with 2017 promising to be an extra special year, firstly with the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy 8 and 8 Plus as well as the upcoming release of the new iPhone which is expected to be something special seeing as it is the companies celebratory year.

It's pretty incredible to think it was ten years this year that the first iPhone was introduced, and how important both Androids and the phones on the iOS platform have become to us.

We now rely on our mobile devices to carry out many of our daily tasks like banking and health checks, and we definitely use them for our entertainment requirements, and because of this it has been made simpler and quicker to download games, online casinos, the odd bingo site, and of course movies.

We all like something for nothing and that include our entertainment, and as there is so much competition between sites for customer you can find some pretty special deals, especially at the online casinos and bingo sites as they offer free cash for players to use to get a feel of their sites.

There is also a great range of free movie apps to try which have been optimised for our mobile devices. This takes a lot of the hassle out of being able to watch whenever or wherever you want to.

The major difference you are going to find with your entertainment options is that the online casinos are compatible with any operation platform, whereas movie apps have to be downloads which are compatible with your particular device.

This article is going to look at some great free Android Movie Apps for you to take advantage of. There will be a similar article written about free movie apps for the iOS platform at a later date.

First off if you want to watch movies on your Android and not pay for them then do try Crackle – Movies & TV. This is probably the most popular app as it lets you watch full –length movies from Hollywood and also TV shows. You can choose from hundreds of movies and there is new content added each month. With thousands of full-length TV serials to enjoy at your leisure this is not one to miss.

Show BOX is another really good app for your Android, and once more it is very user-friendly. Watching movies, reality shows and TV series this great app is simple to navigate through. As well as all that you can also stream videos from third party websites without any problems at all. You can also watch when offline which is really handy as you can store the content you have downloaded.

The next free app we are going to check out is Mega Box HD which is a fairly recent free movies app compared to some others and it is quite similar to ShowBox. A really big plus point of this app is its smaller size. Being only 1.8MB means it will not take up a lot of space or resources on your smartphone. Users can stream free movies in two different qualities, 360p and also 720p. You can also store titles you have downloaded to watch later.

Finally, if you use Newest Movie HD you will be able to download and stream in different qualities. The choice here is large with the app having a selection genres and categories just like a streaming box, so it’s ts a good idea to use filters like 'most popular' if you are browsing for the latest movie.

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