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There has always been a horde of great online games that players could enjoy for free. However nowadays more and more companies and developers turning to the freemium model where players can install and play popular games on their mobile devices for free, whilst having the opportunity to enhance their app with add-ons and other special features. Fortunately, there are millions more free to play games we can sink our teeth into.

Here are just a few of the very best out there. 


Horror fans and those who love the thrill of being scared witless will get plenty of jumps from playing this terrifying little gem.

The game is based on the classic tale of the Slender Man, the distinctly tall and haunting figure who follows players around as they wander the woods in search of various pages. He often sneaks up on you when you least expect it which makes the gameplay itself particularly tense and unsettling.


The web-based Flash game first appeared way back in 2004 and this gamer, in particular, has very fond memories of it with plenty of lost hours spent trying to beat my high score time after time.

The original game required players to hit a penguin as far as they possibly could. Over the years several games were developed as part of the brand, all of which involved the Yeti and penguin not without introducing us to several new animals beforehand. Other games included Orca Slap, Seal Bounce, Flamingo Drive and Jungle Swing - each just as addictive as the previous.



Online slot gaming is big business these days. The rise of mobile gaming has helped slots increase in popularity over the past few years and now it seems that there is almost every type of branded slot out there to suit all interests and tastes.

With so many choices out there it can be difficult to pick out the best but the Siberian Storm slot game is one of the most popular around. There are 720 different ways to win, including left to right and even right to left. Of course, there are big payouts available but most sites offer the game to play for free, ideal for those looking to learn the ins and outs of the slot experience.


For gaming newbies, this is probably one of the simplest and yet addictive games to enjoy. Find the Doodle involves the player having to quickly find the relevant item or symbol from a collection of crudely drawn images.

There are two different modes you can participate in, one against the clock or if you have time on your hands then there is a non-stop option also. Just don’t think that once the game is over you’ll be able to easily resit the temptation of having just one more go to beat that last score.

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