How Pop Culture Is Deeply Rooted in Gambling

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The Burbank-based studio of Paramount is currently feeling the negative side effects from the global response of their latest release Ghost in the Shell. The movie is based on a Japanese manga series from the late 1980s but found a cult following thanks to Mamoru Oshii's 1995 anime film. While the cold reception can be attributed to many factors, we have discovered that other transitions from pop culture from around the world have excelled in over performing and delivering outstanding results. Some of the best examples come courtesy of leading software providers that deliver digital solutions to online bingo and casino sites.

Staying with the Japanese theme, which happens to be as popular as ever due to its mystic, a number of developers have created characters that resemble ones that could be found in an anime movie or a manga magazine. Net Entertainment and Play’n Go have developed Koi Princess and Matsuri slots respectively, both inspired by the colourful world of anime and manga. Their popularity is directly associated to the movies and books that have been coming out of Japan since the early ‘80s. As reported by Bingo Find, which consistently reviews slot games, whatever feels familiar to the target audience, it’s a lot easier to sell than something that’s brand new. The genre has been primed for adaptation for a very long time.

When Michael Crichton was publishing Jurassic Park back in 1990, there is no way he would have known that his ginormous creatures would make their way to the reels of slot machines. But that is exactly what happened when Microgaming released the game based on a licensing agreement with Universal Partnerships and Licensing. While the game was based on the popular movie, a new generation of gamers discovered it after that success of the follow-up, Jurassic World, at the global box office in 2015. The movie went on to collect a whopping $1.67 billion worldwide. It seems that whenever you combine a successful movie with a game, the potency is double.

It’s not just blockbuster movies that game creators are turning into slot games. As they are looking to expand their reach and appeal to an even younger generation, they have added comedy, reality and Western animation elements, so they have produced games based on the hit movie Bridesmaids, the Las Vegas-based reality show Pawn Stars and Fox’s long-running and Emmy Award-winning animated comedy series Family Guy.

In conclusion, these slot games deliver what fans have come to expect from such mashups, a pretty ridiculously entertaining experience!
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