The Top Marvel Slot Games for 2017

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Since Marvel Comics first made their debut back in 1939, the brand has become a global icon that has enjoyed considerable evolution across the boundaries of popular comic. From comic books to television and film, Marvel is now synonymous with Hollywood and the type of blockbusting movie that defines the action genre.

The best Marvel characters have also transcended the fields of literature and television, becoming prominent players in the lucrative online gaming space. This market will be worth a staggering $50.65 billion by the end of 2017, with Marvel-inspired slot games key contributors to this sector.

3 of the Top Marvel-inspired Slot Games for 2017

So, here are three of the top Marvel-inspired slot games for 2017, and a look at the unique features that make them so popular: -

1.              The Fantastic 4 Slot Game

If you look at the type of live casino outlets listed here, you will notice that some Marvel slots appear more frequently than others. Take the Fantastic 4 slot game, for example, which is a five-reel, 20 pay-line entity based on the classic Hollywood iteration.

This is a mid to high-variance slot game, and while there is only a single bonus round it makes up for this by including four unique features based on each individual character.

This makes for a compelling game, and one that is indicative of the franchise as a whole. The expected return to player (RTP) rate here is also 94.88%, which is short of being a certified slot but still respectable.

2.              The Iron Man 2 Slot Game

A game that is infinitely better than its predecessor (which was pretty impressive in itself), Iron Man 2 arguably boasts the best visual effects and the most compelling animations. Not only that, but it also has the best RTP of 95.98%, meaning that players can typically enjoy a viable return on your bankroll.

The main bonus game on Iron Man 2 is an innovative free spins round, which comes with an increasing multiplier than can drive significant winnings. There are also six stacked wilds active during the base game, which enables players to optimise their earnings outside of the bonus rounds.

A game for casual player, high rollers and fans of the Marvel Franchise, Iron Man 2 delivers an immersive and accessible gaming experience that is hard to beat in the digital age.

3.               The Incredible Hulk Slot Game

Our own personal favourite, the Incredible Hulk slot game is one that is unpredictable, exciting and stacked with almost innumerable bonus features. It is also similar to the Fantastic 4 slot game, only with a marginally lower RTP (94.82%) and a slightly less creative execution of the theme.

In terms of core gameplay, the free spins round comes with an automatic, three-times multiplier, which sits alongside Hulk's Smash bonus and its lucrative expanding wilds.

This game is also renowned for another reason, as it includes a feature which freezes wild reels while offering one or two re-spins to boost the frequency of your payouts.

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