3 Netflix Shows That Have Become Great Slot Games

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While many of us persist with watching cable television and continue to maintain our Sky subscription, there is no doubt that on-demand streaming services represent the future of domestic entertainment. 

This is reflected by the incredible rise of Netflix, which as of 2015 had a staggering 60 million subscribers across the globe. This user base has continued to evolve since, while the platform has also invested heavily in the development of unique and original programming. 

Breaking Down the Walls of Popular Culture: 3 Netflix Shows That Have Become Great Slots 

Not only this, but Netflix's growing selection of programs have also provided inspiration for some of the most exciting, online slot games on the market. A quick glance at the listings produced by the UK's most popular casino website casinoreviews.co.uk confirms this, while we have also selected three of the best examples: - 

                   1. Orange is the New Black

The say that crime does not pay, although in some respects a look at some of the top UK heists of all time suggests otherwise. The art of daylight robbery is also actively encouraged in the brilliant slot game Orange is the New Black, which is based closely on the hit television show of the same name.

With five reels, multiple wilds and a maximum bet limit of 50,000 coins, this slot offers 30 chances to win and can deliver huge returns. The deployment of familiar characters and innovative prison features also adds an extra dimension to the game, and it remains a popular choice among both casual and serious players. 

                   2. House of Cards

Politics is a dangerous and convoluted game, and one that can lay waste to even the most promising careers. It is also the topic of the outstanding Netflix franchise House of Cards, which itself has been based on the classic, British hit of the same name.

A five reel, 40 pay-line title with a genuinely unique theme, House of Cards combines the drama and thrills of the TV series with classic slot game elements including stacked wilds, brilliant samples and creatively-weaved narratives.

Look out for the Francis Underwood symbol too, as the main man is wild and can help you to create winning combinations out of nothing!

                   3. Daredevil

Without a shadow of a doubt, Netflix's partnership with Marvel has delivered exceptional results in the form of the thrilling Daredevil series. It certainly features the brilliant graphics that are synonymous with games such as Iron Man and Hulk, while the gameplay is also based on the best narratives from the television series. 

The use of characterisation is central to this, of course, as are the outstanding audio effects that bring the whole experience to life. The only surprising element is that the game is of mid-variance and capable of delivering small but regular returns during the base game, rather than offering large returns through hard to access bonus rounds.

So there you have it; three great slots that have been based on popular Netflix titles. We recommend that you check these out now, particularly if you enjoy the corresponding television franchises!

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