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Film and TV buffs can rejoice in the fact that it is possible to create an epic theatre experience in the home. Before you begin choosing a design theme, take a look at these ideas to create your own home theatre and media room.

Budgeting for your design

Determine your budget first to decide how much you can deck out your home theatre and media room. Enjoy binge watching films and TV not only in style but also on a budget. You might simply opt for an excellent TV and sound system to enhance your viewing experience, or really go all out by spending much more to create the ultimate space.

All home theatres require a few basic things: a place for your display screen and audio-visual equipment, a sound-resistant space, low lighting, and a theme and colour scheme. When creating a home theatre and media room, consider both the design and the equipment that you need.

See the details in high-definition

Installing a high-definition display screen is a no-brainer when it comes to home theatre design. Most home owners assume that larger screen size is better, but that’s not always the case. You don’t want to be uncomfortable by zipping your head around to follow the action on a screen that is too large or too close. The ideal distance from the screen is about two times the diagonal width of the screen, and the optimal angle is between 30 and 40 degrees. Remember to keep speakers elevated at the same height as the viewing screen for a natural and consistent experience for your senses.

Technology is becoming more integrated in our home life experience. Consider going all out with special features such as a 3D television or a lampless LED screen. LEDs are more energy efficient, offer hours more life, and stay cooler than projector lamps.

The chances are that if your family watches films and TV obsessively, you have a need for bringing an internet connection into the room. This will allow you to access streaming services, use internet-enabled devices, and connect using gaming consoles. Set up your family’s gaming consoles so that they can play on the big screen.

Get the ultimate audio experience

Once you decide which high-definition display fits your room comfortably, consider how much you want to splurge to get incredible sound. There are a multitude of speaker options that can provide excellent audio quality. Certain sounds, such as the noise of a car zooming past, are designed to be output from certain listening areas to match up with the action on the screen. Watch out for dipole or bipole speakers, since these are not going to provide this worthwhile feature.

You should arrange three speakers and the woofer at the front of the room, with the two other speakers slightly behind your seating on each side. Just remember to keep space between your wall and the speakers. Since every room is set up slightly differently with unique acoustics, you might have to play around with the speaker location a bit before you settle on the final spot to have them permanently installed.

For great sound quality on a DIY budget, cover lightweight acoustic boards in thin carpet and install these along all walls. It is worth your money to spend on acoustic ceiling tiles. Acoustic tiles are not easy to find in black, but this is the ideal choice to create theatre-like darkness.

Avoid glare by limiting light

It is important to create a dark atmosphere to prevent screen glare. Control light in the room by installing plantation window shutters. These are fantastic for allowing you to adjust the amount of light in the room easily. You might want to enhance the scariness of films by creating a pitch-black atmosphere, or you might prefer slightly more light just so that you can remember that the aliens or monsters aren’t actually sneaking up behind you.

Wall colour impacts your viewing experience

While you might like to paint the room a light and bright colour, strong colours such as primary red and blue might affect the colours that you see on your screen due to ambient light that is cast on the wall. To avoid disrupting your viewing experience, consider dark, neutral wall colours. Gloss or semi-gloss paint will reflect light and cause glare, so it is best to choose sheens that do not reflect much if at all, such as eggshell or flat paint.

Seating built for comfort

Whether you are lounging on a couple of sofas or plan to install motorised reclining home theatre seating, don’t forget to make a place for drinks and snacks if you want the full movie theatre experience. Keep pillows and blankets within reach for maximum relaxation. Even with boring dark walls and ceilings, you can add colour with seating and art.

Home theatre themes

The theme of your home theatre design should reflect the interests of your family, and you might also consider keeping it relatively consistent with the theme or colour scheme running throughout the house. You are only limited by your imagination, because when it comes to decorating with a theme, this is the room in your home where you should feel free to go all out and have fun. For a retro Hollywood glam touch, consider adding a luxurious velvet curtain, which in the right colour goes well with most interiors. If sleek and modern is your style, consider hardwood panelling with modern wall sconces or slim strip lighting along the side walls.

Completing the home theatre renovations

After determining your budget and figuring out how to allocate it, you need to make plans for how to complete the work. If you know that you are not handy or skilled at completing the tasks at hand, consider hiring professionals. Otherwise, plan a timeline and work on this project at a reasonable pace. Luckily, during the renovation, this room is somewhat less essential than other rooms, such as the kitchen, so take your time and do it right. Either way, make sure that you have thought about every detail before construction begins.

Whatever their budget, every film and TV fan deserves a superb experience while watching what they love. Your home theatre design will be a success if you plan ahead, stick to your budget, and choose the most important elements first. Once you complete the construction, kick back and enjoy.

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