Five Great Casino Movies

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Whether you are one of the many that love to visit their local casino and drink in the atmosphere or is you simply enjoy the times spent with friends over a card table, having a bet is in our blood.

I personally love to have a bet at the online casinos like Schmitts Casino where I can play my favourite roulette game in many varieties and also enjoy the fantastic promotions and cash bonuses on offer.

There are, however, so people who simply enjoy watching all the action and this was picked up by the film industry many years ago. Since then we have enjoyed some classic films and great acting from such great names as Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and George Clooney.

  • 1995 Casino was launched. Based in Las Vegas in the Tangiers Casino the expert Handicapper and bookie, Ace, hired by a Chicago-based Italian Mafia to help manage struggles at first trying to work in a somewhat straight way, but once he gets the hang of it the club begins the to turn a profit. Unfortunately, Aces childhood friend, Nicky, begins to mess up as he lives out his Mobster dreams. The film is gritting and full action, and you can almost taste the smoke.
  • Rounders is one of those films that will keep you on the edge of your seat. As an impressive card player who loses McDermott promises his girlfriend he would not play again. This is all turned on its head when his friend leaves prison and Mike finds out he has an outstanding debt. With a five-day ultimatum cards are the only way that the money is going to be paid back. Rounders is full of intrigue, morals gone wrong then rearranged and downright watchabillity.
  • Smell the smoke and taste the beer in The Sting. The film is based on a small time grifter pulling off a stunt to con on a head crime boss. There is no end of underground grit and atmospheric filming in the Sting and one of the best con stunts ever made.
  • Hard Eight is about a veteran gambler who meets a man, a small-time loser on one of his visits to the casino. Sydney the veteran gambler befriend John and teaches him all his tricks of the trade. As the film progresses you wonder if Sin City is going to be too much for this unlikely duo. A great film full of the human tendency to self-destruct. Will they make it or not?... You will have to watch the film to find out!
  • Ocean's 11 is an all action, sleek and lush film which sees 3 Las Vegas casinos targeted and all owned by the same callous boss. All professional experts in their specific trades are hired and these include the card magician, the pickpocket, the pyrotechnician, and others all equally talented. With this type of crew, you can expect a little more than fireworks and that is exactly what you get!

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