Female Gamers Outnumber Male

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Although the majority of console owners are male; gamers, on the whole, are actually mostly female thanks to the rise in popularity of Online Bingo. The game might not have the complexities of the latest Call of Duty title, nor does it boast such impressive graphics, but there’s something about it that draws a huge playing audience – mostly women.

It may come as a surprise to some that women make up the majority of gamers on the whole as console gaming is stereotypically seen as a predominantly male past time. However, the gargantuan popularity of Online Bingo has had a huge effect on the demographic of gaming – especially where gambling is concerned.

Studies have shown that despite men being more likely to gamble than women; males are actually a minority when it comes to Bingo and Scratch Cards. These two gambling past times alone have seen the gambling gender balance sway hugely towards the female market on the whole; an impressive feat considering the vast market for Sports and Casino gambling.

Bingo has been something of a female cliché for some time; even in the days before the internet was such an accessible commodity, the mental image formed when the game has long been women using the game as a social past time and little has changed.

The Online Bingo market offers features such as chatrooms and progressive jackpots that have massive appeal to the female market. Add in typically low stakes play and the designers have hit upon a formula that attracts more players than ever with some 85% of them being female.

The mass resurgence in Bingo’s popularity has led to virtually every Online Bookmaker and Casino offering their take on the game which can make it difficult to know who is offering the best deals and the best playing experience.

Thankfully, akin to most services these days, sites that compare the top 10 online bingo sites are popping up all over the internet to collate data on the offers, player satisfaction and pay out figures in order to make choosing the right Online Bingo provider for each individual player.

Bingo seems to be a game that will never go out of fashion; especially for the female market, and it’s clear to see why. The social aspect of the game is unmatched, it’s a simple premise that is easy to master and the jackpots will be forever tempting enough to keep players ‘eyes down’ for years to come.

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