Ten of the most Popular Poker Movies of all Time

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A great number of people, and in various forms enjoys gambling. Poker, casino, and bingo are some of the most popular games. It was mostly TV Adverts that promoted gambling.

The popularity of online bingo sites and mobile apps has fuelled a massive increase in the number of TV adverts shown.

This popularity was soon picked up by the moviemakers who went on to create some truly memorable films and below we have picked what we consider to be ten of the very best.

In No Particular Order: 

• High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story is a biographical gambling movie which focuses on Stu Ungar who was is the only player in the history to win three WSOP (World Series of Poker) Main event tournaments three times. The movie does not hold back any punches and shows his whole life right from his beginnings to his peak, and then to his eventual breakdown. Stu Ungar lost most of his money on the horses and the movie is both heartbreaking and entertaining to watch as you follow him through his great rise and dramatic fall.
• The Cooler is about a guy called Wayne Kramer that suffers with such bad luck that casinos actually hire him to stand at tables where players are enjoying a lucky streak to help restore the house edge. But there is a twist as Kramers luck begins to change actually making him the lucky charm of the gamblers. The movie really takes off when his bosses become very unimpressed with his change of luck. The Cooler has a good cast and is great fun to watch as gambling superstitions are played out.
• Casino may well be considered as one of the most iconic and popular of all the gambling movies. With film legends like Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci starring it's not surprising that it did so well in the ratings. De Niro plays a casino owner who has ties to the mafia. Joe Pesci plays a psychotic enforcer. With Sharon Stone also included in the cast, Casino has some of the most memorable and harrowing scenes in the history of film.
• The Hustler may be old but it is surely up there with other iconic movies. Starring the late, great Paul Newman this film covers the life of an up and coming player who tries his skills against the legendary pool player Minnesota Fats. Finding himself down on his uppers with only his ruthless manager being able to get him to where he wants to be the Hustler is a great film of times past. Hailing back to the times of the pool halls and backroom gambling dens gives this film a real authentic feel.
• Along with The Hustler is another film that many love and hold dear. The Sting is one of those movies full of twists and turns. With Paul Newman and Robert Redford starring and playing the parts of two con men targeting a criminal boss who loves to gamble the film soon turns from a simple idea into something rather more complicated making this film one of the best thrillers you could possibly view.
• 21 are a brilliant move, based on a true story. Telling the tale of a maths professor (played by Kevin Spacey) the movie is about training a group of students to count cards in the major casinos of Las Vegas. The movie is steeped in action and betrayal and because it is based on a real movie this makes it even more engrossing.
• It is about time we mentioned Casino Royale with Daniel Craig playing James Bond. Many of the Bond movies have casino shots in them as James is well-known for his love of gambling. The villain in Casino Royale is a monster called Le Chiffre who loves to play poker almost as much as he loves to torture. There is a spectacular scene, which takes part at a table in Monte Carlo, where Bond and Le Chiffre fight it out in a memorable game of poker.
• The Cincinnati Kid stars another of the late, great favourite actors Steve McQueen, and tells the story of a young gambler pitting himself against a high roller. It's an interesting film as the Kids lack of experience is shown by a list of distractions he faces which include a beautiful girl that threaten his chances of even getting to the game. These distractions are finally overcome with the two making it to the table in a face-off that is memorable.
• Rounders stars Matt Damon who pays for his university fees by playing the poker tables. Of course, things never go smoothly and there is some wild high-stakes action along with a good measure of intrigue. Rounders has a fantastic supporting cast, which includes names like John Malkovich and Edward Norton.
• The Gambler looks at the issue of gambling addiction and stars James Caan who plays a university professor who has a gambling problem. On a path of self-destruction, Caans depicts a man whose mental health is affected by his addiction to such a degree his life is in danger. A good, solid performance by Caan has you engrossed throughout the movie.

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