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Looking for a decent dose of all-American juvenilia whilst waiting for the next Hangover movie? Then consider checking out Paramount’s latest seasonal offering, Office Christmas Party.

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This movie struck our multiplexes earlier this month, and with a pretty good cast including the likes of Jennifer Aniston and T.J. Miller, it aims to be another classic Christmas comedy alongside the likes of Scrooged and Elf.

However, in order to do this, the film needs to find a cinema audience who find the concept of sitting on a photocopier hilariously funny.

That’s not to say that Office Christmas Party is completely without merit, but if you’re in the mood for something other than drinking clichés and sexual innuendo, then perhaps give this a miss and check out some other cinema or even games releases this December.

Whilst the likes of The Hangover managed to blend adult and juvenile humour to great effect, many reviewers have noted that Office Christmas Party is just too formulaic to be anything other than a film that you absent-mindedly watch whilst you digest your festive meal.

It’s a shame as the cast seem to be trying to inject the dull script with a bit of sparkle. Kate McInnon’s on great form after her successful outing in this summer’s Ghostbusters revamp, and Jason Bateman is perfect for this kind of adult comedy that’s just generic enough to achieve some respectable box office figures.

However, Office Christmas Party faces tough competition this Christmas with the likes of Star Wars: Rogue One, Fantastic Beasts, and Jennifer Lawrence’s sci-fi treat Passengers all offering some solid holiday diversion.

Even the gaming world seems to be stepping it up for December with Dead Rising 4 and Watch Dogs 2 joining forces with Mr Smith Casino’s Starburst slots game to put stars in your eyes and eclipse the cinematic competition.

Maybe that’s why Office Christmas Party is doing all it can to keep the promotional bandwagon running through the run-up to Christmas. One of the movie’s stars, T.J. Miller, even managed to get himself arrested in a way that was pretty true to his anarchic Clay Vanstone character in the movie.

So whilst Office Christmas Party may never get to reach the lofty Christmas classic realms of Home Alone or even get an online gaming adaptation, it still provides yet another way to avoid watching the usual festive trash on television.

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