The Sociable Online World and How it has Changed Gaming

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There was a time with gaming where if you wanted to be sociable you had to call your friends around to sit on the sofa to do battle in your favourite games. The times have changed now though and it seems that all games are expected to feature online multiplayer support so we can play against people from all over the world.

Whether it be on a console like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the PC, or smartphones and tablets we want to play games together. Gaming has never been so sociable, and it looks like this is set to stay. There are signs that local multiplayer games are making a comeback, but as part of the functionality in place. Online gaming has nothing to worry about with the rise of sofa multiplayer games.

Another interesting addition to the world of social gaming is the rise in sharing what we have been doing on games. On current consoles like PlayStation 4 it is easy to save a snapshot of a beautiful scene we’ve noticed, or share a video clip of something awesome we’ve managed to do and that is impressive. There is also the ability to stream games so people can watch us play and even interact with us. To see the popularity of this, just look at services like Twitch.

Twitch opens up our eyes to the popularity of gaming and also the potential that has been created by online social gaming. Whether it is the solo gamer playing from their homes and showing off their skills, or it is the ESports tournament being streamed live, there are many different variations of games being streamed out to the world. This is a new phenomenon that is really taking off with players and it looks like there is no end to the popularity that it has taken.

What is being noticed about social gaming is the potential for money making opportunities. Whether this is through understanding the complex game of poker, the partnership system in Twitch, or even the advertisements shown on the streams, there is money to be made for the gamer. The fact that money is also made by the creator of the games also pushes the industry. When the game makers see the latest trends they tend to go with them, as we see with the popularity of online gaming.

With gaming now moving into the world of Virtual Reality, one important aspect has been the inclusion of social gaming in the platform. Not only is there the ability to stream in the virtual world, but also the ability to play with friends. The future of this can be seen in such games as the Ubisoft Star Trek virtual game which pits a team against the dangers of space.

The online world may be a vast landscape of potential, but in terms of the gamers, it seems to make the world a smaller place. It brings people from all points on the planet into an arena where they can play together, with whatever game they choose to play and that is impressive.
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