The Great Television Shows that have Inspired Memorable Games

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If there is one trend that has developed in the world of modern entertainment, it is the merging of the boundaries between music, television and gaming that is the most prominent. This is largely down to technological evolution, which has created a scenario where individuals can access cross-platform experiences while streaming both films and television programs to single devices.

This has also seen the various elements of popular culture combine, as it is easier than ever for iconic characters and narratives to be replicated across multiple platforms. One of the best examples of this lies in the number of contemporary television programs that have inspired online games, from virtual PC titles to free-to-access iterations of casino disciplines. Some of these are immensely popular, while they also have the advantage of being able to leverage popular characters and themes.

In the current market, there is a particularly high ratio of television-themed slot and bingo games. Arguably, the playful nature of these titles makes them more malleable and receptive to popular television characters, which in turn creates fun, interaction and immersive experiences for players.

But which television shows have inspired the most memorable online games?

Who Wants to be a Millionaire


When it comes to truly iconic television shows, Who Wants to be a Millionaire has to be up there as one of the very best. With a unique format and an incredible prize on offer, the show managed to build up incredible tension and created several huge winners over the course of numerous years.

With this in mind, it made perfect sense to replicate this format on the online platform. Still available today across a number of developers, the game delivers real-time entertainment without deviating too much from the show that has engaged viewers across the globe. Just don't expect to take home a million, as online players will have to play for pride rather than the love of the dollar.

The X-Factor Game

If Who Wants to be a Millionaire follows a unique but innately classic quiz show format, our second selection reflects the very best of contemporary, reality television. The X-Factor game is available online, and combines stunning visuals and the show's live format to offer a compelling experience.

This game also embodies the modern trend for slot games, which borrow heavily from alternative elements of popular culture to appeal to a wider (and more engaged) audience. There are few slots that are more popular than this X-Factor iteration, which has actually retained its appeal and credibility even as ratings for the show have plummeted.

The Game of Thrones: Ascent

In the modern age, there are few television series' that have inspired as many game experiences and iterations as Game of Thrones (or GoT for short). From virtual slots to episodic PC adventures, GoT remains a source of inspiration for developers and players from across the globe.

Our own pick is Ascent, which is a GoT variation powered by online gaming hub Knogregate. Free-to-access and available to all PC, laptop and mobile users, the game builds on unique elements of the TV series and challenges players to compete with others in a bid to become the most powerful and influential noble in Westeros.

Challenging and designed to follow an online version of classic adventure game books, Ascent includes the perfect balance of GoT narratives and unique features to wow as many players as possible. Powered by arguably the most popular television franchise in history, Ascent will remain enduringly popular for the foreseeable future at least.

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