Who Would Win A Combat Between Katniss And Mystique?

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Jennifer Lawrence, the star of film franchises The Hunger Games and X-Men has a busy schedule playing two teen combat-conquerors. Lawrence is now widely known for her roles as headstrong archer Katniss Everdeen and Mystique, the blue scaled superhuman. With Mystique and Katniss trending in our day to day, a fascinating question crops up. Who would emerge victorious in a contest between the two?

Katniss Everdeen is known to be an excellent archer with an iron spirit and a determined battle ethos. Mystique, on the other hand, is a form changing emissary with a CV of solid fighting experience. Both of the characters are of similar size and have endured equally dreadful occasions. Critical evaluation of characters’ skills, strengths and weaknesses are vital to decide who is superior in this contest.
Katniss Everdeen was the champion of the 74th Hunger Games and likely to maintain her leadership position in the upheaval against the Capitol in the next series of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part Two. In this character, Jennifer Lawrence portrays the poverty and hard labor that Katniss faces, by giving the seemingly gentile figure a tough front. Mystique on the other hand was passing through the luxurious residence of the wealthy parents of Charles Xavier. The situation was very different from Katniss world who was obliged to hunt to provide food for her family. In addition to giving Katniss a good physical condition, her lifestyle also made her a swift runner.

Katniss’ other notable skill is her excellent archery. In the first part of The Hunger Games - Catching Fire, the other contestants were quick to ask her to join Katniss’ team when they saw how good she was with the bow and arrow. She also demonstrates a lot of intuition regarding her hiding strategies and her well-calculated moves while deciding which point of attacks to assume.
Jennifer playing as Mystique in the X-men films has superhuman suppleness. She is the most perilous being in the world. The mutation capabilities of mystique are essential to her since she can recuperate from injuries quickly. She is said to be stable as a result of solo existence in her early life. In addition to this, Mystique has powers which enable her to duplicate the physical appearance of any individual. This mutant is also known to be an incredible one-on-one fighter. In X Men: Days of Future Past, Mystique faced several men alone and was able to defeat them within a few seconds.

Considering that Mystique has mutation capabilities amongst other superhuman powers, it is pretty obvious that she would defeat Katniss Everdeen if the two had to face each other one on one. Even though Katniss is awesomely skilled in archery, she is only human with no other supernatural powers. It is also arguably that Mystique can quickly recover from arrow injuries leaving no other notable stronghold for the Hunger Game’s champion to fall back on. If you agree with our verdict – or vice versa – try your luck with this bonus code that Mystique would beat Katniss. Let the games begin…

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