6 Video Game Death Battle Matchups We’d Like To See

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Guile (Street Fighter) VS Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid)

Guile, one of the original 8, is a major in the United States Air Force who come hell or high water is determined to avenge the death of his Air Force buddy, who was slain at the hands of the Street Fighter franchise’s villain - M. Bison. Let’s not ignore, Guile also has one of the best character theme tunes in video game history.

Solid Snake is the former Green Beret, legendary special ops soldier whose primary responsibility is disarming and/or destroying the walking nuke machine knows as Metal Gear. Snake acts alone, engaging the enemy through stealth, espionage, and his trusty sneak suit and bandana, with the aid of his colleagues via radio.


Both are relentless hunters, and extremely well trained. In a straight boxing match Guile’s strength and sonic boom attacks would surely devastate the comparatively frail Snake, despite Snake’s advanced CQC techniques. But this is a death battle, so who said anything about a straight fight?

This is where Snake’s specialism comes in handy – Guile can’t sonic boom what he can’t see, nor will he be saved by the round limit of the Street Fighter format. Snake’s stealth, cunning, and versatility would give him the upper hand in a no-rules scenario. Most likely, Snake would disguise himself as one of Guile’s Air Force buddies, and drop Guile before he knows what’s up.

V.E.R.N. (Rampage) vs Chaos (Primal Rage)

Giant monsters hold a special place in every gamer’s heart thanks to classic arcade games like Rampage and Primal Rage, as well as home console art-epics such as Shadow of the Colossus, and modern successes like the Monster Hunter series. There’s just something about gigantic city-destroying monsters that we find so lovable. That’s why we want to see our favourites matched up for a death battle, of course!

Freed from a Scumlabs facility by an explosion, the rampage crew’s goal is to destroy every Scumblabs facility in the world, and kill all of the evil corporation’s employees. The ensuing smash-up takes George the gorilla, Lizzie the lizard, and Ralph the wolf on a world tour of destruction, eating junk food and radioactive materials, and often puking up.

We want to see one of these masters of disaster up against Chaos, the gorilla-like dinobeast that was the result of an evolution spell gone terribly wrong. Now bent on domination over the post-apocalyptic Urth, many of Chaos’ appearances also involve bodily functions. Chaos is the deity of decay, power, evolution, and earth, and with tricks up his sleeve like the golden shower fatality, one might think any one of the rampage gang would instantly be toast, but there’s one thing they have that Chaos does not: POWERUPS.

With a quick nibble on some radioactive materials, George, Lizzie, or Ralph transform into the flying purple radioactive super-monster known as the V.E.R.N. – it’s this monstrous form that we’d like to see in action in our death battle. FIGHT!


Wonderboy (Wonderboy series) vs Alex Kidd (Alex Kidd series)

Before Sonic the Hedgehog came along, Alex Kidd was Sega’s unofficial platform-jumping, bad-guy-punching mascot. He lives alone on Mt. Eternal, on the planet Aries, where he has trained in a martial arts technique known as Shellcore. This technique allows Kid to augment the size and toughness of his fists simply through brutal willpower, which is what gives him the ability to shatter rocks with a single punch. In addition, Kidd has access to a wealth of power-ups, magical items, and vehicles to aid his quest.

Wonderboy, usually known as Tom-Tom, is another iconic Sega boy-hero, and part of a long-running series of Wonderboy titles as well as providing the basis for the Adventure Island series. His tribal cave-boy instincts serve him on his travels through forests, hills, seas, caverns, ice palaces and mountains, armed with a stone hatchet and a skateboard to overwhelm his enemies.


We’d like to see which of these world-saving, would-be mascots would come out on top in a death battle. Or would they team up to take down a common enemy? Maybe in the form of a smug, blue hedgehog. This would be interesting to see.

Raiden (Mortal Kombat) vs Pikachu (Pokémon, duh)

Eternal being, regular death battle tournament fighter and frequent winner, thunder god and Protector of Earthrealm, the Mortal Kombat franchise’s answer to Obi-Wan Kenobi is so powerful that his eyes radiate with blue-white light, and electricity constantly sparks from his skin as it rubs against his godly robes. After the second defeat of Shinnok, he was promoted to the rank of Elder God, making him one of the most powerful ethereal beings in the universe, but he still walks the earth in his human form from time to time, gladly tearing apart any evil-doer limb from limb. And Raiden’s adversary…

Everybody’s favourite electric rodent. But wait, teamed up with the strategic prowess of a skilled Pokémon trainer, this pocket monster can pack a serious thunder punch. Red/Ash’s Pikachu, in particular, has a rare level of power that it can dish out beat-down after beat-down in the Smash Brothers games as well as being the highest-levelled trainer-owned Pokémon in the main game series (as of HeartGold and SoulSilver). Pikachu may not be a God-tier Pokémon but let’s take a few additional factors into account before calling this.

Raiden is strong but quite beatable in his human form by other humans. Pikachu is capable of taking beating legendary Pokémon and pseudo-legendary dragons in all canons. Just think what Pikachu could do to a man.

Raiden mostly relies on his shocking lightning attacks to get the upper hand in a fight. This is where Pikachu takes advantage of its Lightning Rod ability – as the mouse absorbs electrical energy it just becomes more and more powerful. This could really balance the fight. Lastly, Pikachu’s speed and reflexes are off the charts, meaning Raiden’s ability to land a physical hit, let alone get a decent grip in order to do any limb-pulling, is somewhat questionable. 

Could it be that Raiden’s main source of power only serves to power-up the enemy Pikachu, resulting in an eternal epic battle and a new mega evolution? We would definitely like to find out.

Link (Legend of Zelda) VS Cloud (Final Fantasy)

Two of the most iconic deep-pocketed RPG adventure sword-swingers in gaming, known for boxing far, far above their weight. This death battle is a long-standing debate.

Link is the re-incarnation of the legendary hero of Hyrule. Each incarnation of Link contains the soul of the original hero. He’s brave and humble, a master swordsman and archer, armed with the blessed Master Sword and indestructible Hylian Shield – but his reliance on his inventory of items makes him somewhat frail without them. Link overcomes his boss battles using strategy and cunning over brute force.

Cloud Strife is a more impulsive, aggressive character, and nothing less than a super-soldier. He inherited his super-human abilities and training (from the memories of his dead buddy) via exposure to Mako, a substance that causes genetic mutation, poisoning, and even death. 

Cloud’s Buster Sword may be ridiculously ubersized but he sure knows how to wield it, delivering such killer blows as the Omni-Strike, taking advantage of his superior strength. Would Cloud’s anger issues overpower Link, or would Link’s cunning give him the upper hand? We want to know!

Scorpion (Mortal Kombat) VS Rory McIlroy (PGA Tour)

A deadly assassin brought back from the dead as a spectral hell-ninja with a fire breathing skull for a face and the sole intent of avenging the death of his clan, wife and children, no it’s not Northern Irish four-time major champion and PGA Tour star Rory McKillroy, it’s Scorpion. Along with Raiden, Scorpion is the only other kombatant to feature in every instalment of the Mortal Kombat series, and is by far the most iconic figure in bloody game violence and parental outrage. With his ‘GET OVER HERE’ spear attack, there’s no escaping this deadly warrior.

His opponent will be Northern Irish four-time major champion and PGA Tour star Rory McKillroy. Four-time major champion, world number one for 95 weeks, winning 2011 US Open with a record lowest score of 16 under par, 2012 PGA Championship record eight strokes victory margin, 2014 Open Champion, and 2014 PGA Champion, one of three players to win three majors by the age of 25. 

We don’t know what any of that means, and given that Tom-Tom was still in diapers when he saved the world it doesn’t seem very impressive. But with a name like Rory Mc-Kill-Roy, we think his next tournament entry should be to Mortal Kombat. Come on, his name has ‘RAW’ AND ‘KILL’ in it! We recognise his signature weapon from its regular appearances in the GTA series, and we’re eager to find out what makes him such a champ with it.

Who do you think would win? What death battle matchups would you like to see?


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