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The STARBURST RADIO Podcast has once again been put on the shortlist for an award - this time, it’s the New Media Europe Best UK Podcast category.

There’s some stiff competition, but with you, the lovely readers of STARBURST’s help, we can succeed. With that, we’d love each and every one of you (and your family, friends, pets, and enemies) to head over to Facebook to show your support and vote.
The link you need to go to is here and all it takes it one click, and costs you nothing but sends your love to Moonbase Alpha. We really do appreciate it!

You can also catch up with the team on the STARBURST RADIO Podcast by downloading the show from iTunes, or by listening live every Wednesday on Fab Radio International.

Last year, we WON the TV and Film Podcast Award at last year’s UK Podcasters Award ceremony, also sponsored by New Media Europe, so it would be amazing to be shortlisted and (hopefully) succeed once more.

We all thank you in advance for your help and continued support!

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