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Everybody loves a superhero and Marvel continues to bring us classic figures in a 21st-century vision. The arrival of Captain America: Civil War sees Captain America pitted against fellow superhero Iron Man in the ultimate battle of strength. Steve Rogers (Captain America) and Tony Stark (Iron Man) are two of Marvel's most remarkable superheroes, not least because of their polar personalities, but also because of their extreme self-conviction and founding beliefs. They are both super humans, but that is more or less where their similarities end. It begs the question: if pitted against each other, who would win?

Steve Rogers became Captain America with the help of an experimental super soldier serum, transforming an ordinary American patriot into a superhuman fighting machine who's dedicated his life to the country he loves so much. Captain America doesn’t have a life outside of this all-encompassing job. Along with being nearly impossible to kill, he is noted for his incredible agility, strength, speed and endurance. His unique combat style was honed over years of disciplined training.

In fact, this focused discipline is used for every aspect of his life, from his lack of personal relationship, to his constant training, and of course, his relentless dedication to ridding the world of the forces of evil. An urge to always do the right thing and help everyone that he can, gives Captain America a squeaky clean image. He works hard to maintain this poster boy image and to encourage those around him to aspire to, especially when he believes that they are straying down the wrong path.

In contrast, billionaire industrialist and (mad) genius, Tony Stark, created Iron Man in the desperate attempt to simultaneously save his life and escape from the kidnappers that held him captive, who demanded he build a weapon of mass destruction. The success of the Iron Man suit inspired Stark to enhance it further, kitting it up with the latest technology and weapons, giving him the ability to help protect the world. The Iron Man suit gives Stark super human strength, the ability to fly, as well as an array of weapons at his disposal.

In addition to this, Stark genetically modified his own DNA, which has not only enhanced his healing abilities, but also has allowed him to partially merge with the Iron Man suit and control it technopathically with his brain. This ability is not limited to the Iron Man armour, Stark can control any piece of technology within his range. Stark's genius, innovation and problem-solving abilities make him a formidable adversary both in combat and in the boardroom. His fearlessness is matched by his genius, and when combined, make Iron Man a serious force to be reckoned with.

Unlike Captain America, Stark is a man in love and his relationship with Pepper Potts is a stabilising force in his life which keeps frequent egoistical missions in check. In fact, it was really once he started dating Potts that Stark's image improved from a self-centered playboy to brilliant genius.

Putting these two heroes against each other is bound to be an action-packed emotional rollercoaster riddled with mind games, sarcastic humour and admirable camaraderie. With Tony Stark's propensity for unapologetically falling into destructive habits and Steve Roger's unyielding desire to save everybody, this show down will be as much a battle of willpower as a battle of strength and cunning. With odds this tight, you can bet on this promotional code that the Captain America: Civil War battle will definitely be worth watching.


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