The Console Games We Want To See On Mobiles In 2016


The gap between the mobile and console gaming market has been closing for the past few years and more recently the mobile market overtook consoles in terms of revenue for the first time. This has meant that the console industry has been forced to sit up, take notice and rethink its approach to gaming. With the next generation of mobile games already looking set to further rival pre-gen consoles, there’s already a fine back catalogue of games for the Xbox and the Playstation that we’d like to see arrive on our mobile devices in the future.

Now that next-generation mobile games are set to rival their console counterparts in terms of graphics, quality and gameplay it seems only fitting that certain games make the switch. The likes of Hitman, Sonic the Hedgehog, Tomb Raider and Need for Speed have already made the transition successfully across platforms what games should be next up for a mobile transition?


You can now register for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and it’s a handset that will add another dimension to mobile gaming. In fact, it’ll likely be shipping with a new Gear VR headset and open the doors to a whole range of new immersive gaming options for the mobile market. Last year’s popular console release ‘Star Wars Battlefront’ would be one such game that would benefit from 360-degree gaming action to really put you into the heart of the action on Endor, Hoth, Tatooine, Sullust, or Jakku.




For sports fans, the Playstation and Xbox release of Madden NFL 16 was highlighted by its exciting new Draft Champions mod and even though Madden NFL Mobile already teased us with how iOS and Android can handle American Football action it’s definitely a genre that could have a decent future on a mobile platform. And watching from the sidelines with your VR headset could add a whole new perspective to things.


In spite of the closing gap in quality between the gaming output on consoles and mobiles developers are keen to utilise both markets and make sure everyone can experience their top sellers or, at least, versions thereof. The Call of Duty franchise is simply too big to ignore but previous mobile-based efforts have proved to be a little clumsy and underwhelming. With next-gen mobile devices now hitting shelves, the technology appears to be catching up so as long as the COD writers and developers can reshape the popular strategy game effectively they could be on to a real winner.



Mobile gaming is constantly evolving and thanks to the increased processing powers, performance and memory that modern-day handsets now feature open-world gaming environments like that utilised by the Grand Theft Auto universe will make a cleaner and more fulfilling transfer from console to mobile. Throw in a fully immersive mobile-based VR headset and your GTA experience will take on an entirely new level of gaming engagement.

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