Watto's Extra: DOCTOR WHO Scarves

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The Doctor has always had an eclectic taste in fashion. However, Lovarzi has created some fantastic Doctor Who inspired products for the modern day Time Lord.

Fourth Doctor Knitted Tie


This smart tie is a great companion to a sharp suit or stylish shirt, wherever you go, whatever the weather. Just make sure you've got some jelly babies with you too. £24.99

Dalek Scarf (Available in Teal or Grey)


This exclusive scarf is ideal for keeping you warm in the snowy climes of Tranquil Repose, the Dalek Asylum - or even Earth! £36.99

Fourth Doctor Shortened Scarf


We think this is a brilliant idea. Want all the style and sophistication of Tom Baker without the hazardous length of his scarf? Here is a superbly made, two-meter long version. £24.99

Fourth Doctor Series 18 Burgundy Scarf


First seen in 1980's The Leisure Hive, Tom Baker's Doctor got a fresh new look for Series 18, his final set of stories. In this Burgundy Scarf, he battled vampires, his own spiky duplicate, Marshmen, and the Master; journeyed into E-Space; met some new friends - and relaxed on Brighton beach! £29.99

Seventh Doctor Silk Paisley Scarf


Worn by Sylvester McCoy from 1987's Time and the Rani to the Classic series' conclusion with 1989's Survival, Lovarzi also offer the Seventh Doctor’s hankie, jumper and even his umbrella. £36.99

Fourth Doctor Full Length Scarf


Perfect for casual and hardcore fans, cosplayers and Christmas presents, this stunning Doctor Who Scarf is truly iconic. Worn by the Doctor from 1974 to 1981, now you, too, can battle Daleks, Cybermen and Sontarans in style! £49.99

All products available from www.lovarzi.co.uk.
Use discount code STARBURST10 to get 10% off all of their products. Hurry, offer valid for one month only!
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