Eight Things We Love About LOST GIRL

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Lost Girl is a supernatural drama which focuses on the adventures of a sexy and kick-ass succubus. Bo discovers that she was adopted and that she’s really part of a race of supernatural beings called the Fae. Not only does she have to decide if she’s on the light or dark side of Fae world, she also must draw life force from others to survive. Here are eight things we love about the show.

1) It’s The Smartest Supernatural Drama on the Screen
Lost Girl is a smarter, more intricate show than the likes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Supernatural. The main characters are a supernatural bad-ass and her human friend. Bo is both an outsider and part of the community of monsters that makes up the show. The result is a drama filled with spooky things and drama.

2) Everyone is Oh So Pretty
For a world filled with werewolves, wizards, vampires and other creatures that go bump in the night (and we’ll get to the bumping in a moment), the one trait they all seem to share is that almost all of them look gorgeous on screen. What makes this even better is the various werewolves seem to spend most of their time shirtless.

3) The Sex
This is a series about a succubus who pretty much needs to have sex to survive. Luckily for her, she’s attracted to both men and women. It’s not all about Bo though; the series doesn’t shy away the wide variety of relationships that people have and there is a great selection of intimate activity going on all through the series. Not only that, but it stays sexy without being tacky.

4) The Emotional Drama
Even though they are plenty of fight scenes and occult mysteries to solve, Lost Girl is ultimately about how human being resolve relationships and conflict. The weirder elements simply add spice to what is essentially one of the most interesting soap operas out there.

5) Mysterious Wizards
Did we mention the world building? One of the main characters is a sarcastic dwarf called Trick who is pretty much neck deep in all the strange comings and goings of the Fae life. Part Dumbledore and part Sauron, Trick is the go to mentor for the heroes, and he spends much of the series slowly revealing to the audience more and more of this rich and complex world.

6) It is Flat Out Weird
From angry gay Brownies to werewolves chasing tennis balls, Lost Girl isn’t afraid to go completely nuts with our established ideas as to how supernatural stories should work. It rarely underestimates it’s audience, instead it gleefully takes us down one path with every intention of throwing us another curve ball later on.

7)  It’s Funny
From the strange takes on well-known tropes to the witty one-liners, Lost Girl outshines the likes of Buffy and The Librarians in terms of clever humour. It also tends to be crammed with pop-culture references and the usual meta-humour that we’ve come to demand. It also doesn’t hurt that Bo’s oh-so-human friend, Kenzi, is the perfect stand-up to Bo’s straight-laced routine.

8) Character Arcs
So, in addition to the soap-opera style drama, sex, jokes, weird twists, more sex and a very easy to look at cast, each of the characters actually develops and grow throughout the series. We actually care about the heroes and their world, which means that we keep watching.

LOST GIRL Season 5 is out now.

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