Exciting Immersive Sci-Fi Screenings Heading to Preston

Written by Martin Unsworth Wednesday, 24 September 2014

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As part of the British Film Institute’s (BFI) nationwide SCI-FI: DAYS OF FEAR AND WONDER season next month, fans in the north west of England will get a chance to board FUTURE PRESTON TOURS.

The production team, THEY EAT CULTURE, (TEC) will be undertaking journeys into the future with a series of non-traditional and immersive film screenings, as well as a host of events that will make any self-respecting sci-fi devotee’s mouth water.

Throughout October and November, SCI-FI:  DAYS OF FEAR AND WONDER will be running all over the UK. It’s the BFI’s largest ever themed season of film and TV, featuring over a thousand screenings and events.  TEC, in partnership with the BFI and Film Hub North West Central, are bringing the party to Preston’s doorstep - with their own unique vision.

The six week-long programme, FUTURE PRESTON TOURS, intends to give fans a chance to experience live events and immersive film screenings.

The films include E.T THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL, LOGAN’S RUN, DREDD, and TRON and take place in locations which include Christ the King Catholic college, as well as some top-secret, family-friendly venues.

There will also be a range of participatory and thought-provoking performance events, such as audio-visual experiences, literature, panels, talks, and workshops, all exploring themes of Future Preston.

A further set of screenings will take place at arts venue The Continental, with a few cosmic walks on the wild side with FERRET TRASH CINEMA at rock-n-roll bar The Ferret.

THEY EAT CULTURE’s creative director, Ruth Heritage said, “We’re inviting people to see film from the inside, as our tour agents guide visitors into the realms of science fiction, experiencing performance, live theatre, music, and iconic classics in secret locations. Guests will experience Science Fiction in a completely new way. October and November are set to be an amazing time for Lancashire’s sci-fans and arts and culture junkies; prepare to see the Preston in a new light, straight from the future.

FUTURE PRESTON TOURS commence on October 18th with E.T. THE EXTRA TERRESTRIAL. Tickets will be available from www.skiddle.com:
£10 adult, £7 children, and £28 for a family of four.

You can find out more by visiting the THEY EAT CULTURE website.

For more information on the BFI’s nationwide SCI-FI: DAYS OF FEAR AND WONDER season, head over to the BFI page.


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