C2E2 2014: STAN LEE Talks Moustaches, Upcoming Cameos, and Fairy Tales in Spotlight Panel

Written by Hayden Mears

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Comic and pop culture conventions continuously prove that they are more than just occasions to let loose and dress up like a beloved character from a well-known franchise or series. While being able to don a cape and tights and mingle with similarly dressed people has become an incredibly popular phenomenon, the real draw of pop culture conventions lies in its mission to unite creators and fans under one roof. Imagine standing next to your favourite comic writer, cheesin' for a photo that'll become a page in your family scrapbook for generations to come. Encounters like this are not just common here, they are encouraged. Throw in enough comics and goodies to make any fan explode with excitement, and you've got the full convention experience.

This past weekend, STARBURST was on site at this year's C2E2 (Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo) to cover the best panels and deliver the most exclusive interviews possible. While it has yet to reach the success that San Diego Comic-Con has enjoyed for years now, C2E2 attracts more than 30,000 fans from around the U.S. with its unique programming and amazing access to celebrities and creators.

This year's most notable guest was none other than legendary comic writer and creator Stan Lee, who spent the weekend signing autographs, attending panels, and pleasing the thousands of fans who have been influenced by his work in some way.

During his packed spotlight panel on Sunday afternoon, Lee answered questions, exchanged well-timed quips with the moderator, and even revealed a bit about his cameo in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Here's what he had to say about the role: “I did not understand what it was or why I was doing it, but it has me with a girl, a very pretty girl, and that's all I can say.” This statement sent Marvel executives running toward the stage signaling for him to stop, but it was too late.

Lee continued answering questions, calling comics “fairy tales for grown-ups” and explaining that we may grow out of hearing these types of stories but we never outgrow our love for them. He went on to describe how the idea for Spider-Man popped into his head as he saw a fly crawling up the wall of his office and said to himself, “Wouldn't it be great if there was a superhero who could climb up walls?” He quickly followed up with his editor's initial disapproval, quoting him as saying, “Stan, that is the worst idea I've ever heard.” We're almost certain this story has been told millions of times over, but hearing it from the man himself held its own kind of magic. Simply sharing a room with the guy is an experience not to be forgotten, even for casual fans.

One of the best questions that came up during the panel went something like, “Your moustache has become almost as famous as you are. Where is it?” Lee chuckled heartily before hinting that it was originally for a role, but couldn't specify which role it was.

Because cameras and video were strictly prohibited, it's difficult to fully capture how incredible this experience was. Stay tuned for more coverage from the convention!


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