Event News: Want Free Marvel Concept Art? Better Get Over to San Diego Quick!

Written by Christian Jones Monday, 15 July 2013

Event News

Since Marvel launched its own Cinematic Universe, those generous folks have given away concept art posters for upcoming movie releases at San Diego Comic Con.

This year they continue with that tradition with a previously seen Captain America: The Winter Soldier print by Ryan Meinerding, which shows the good Captain hurtling headlong into The Winter Soldier himself, as well as a peek at the soaring Falcon.

The second poster is for Thor: The Dark World by Charlie Wen, which I think evokes a time before the horrendous unimaginative photoshopped monstrosities we have adorning the walls of the multiplexes today, when movie posters were created by artists. Halcyon days...

No doubt for those of us unable to attend this year’s SDCC, we will be able to purchase these posters from eBay at extortionate prices in the next few days.

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