Event News: Starburst To Co-Host the Saturday Night Extravaganza at the Sci-Fi Weekender

Written by Animal Johns Monday, 21 January 2013

Event News

Starburst is proud to announce that we will be joining forces with Chic Festivals to co-host the Saturday night events at this years SCI-FI WEEKENDER.

Now in its fourth year, The Sci-Fi Weekender (formerly the SFX Weekender) once again promises the ultimate sci-fi experience with its unique mix of fun and activities designed specifically for fans of the genre. 

We will be joining the regular staff at Chic Festivals, as well as regular host, the irreplaceable Mr Robert Rankin.

Neil Brittle of Chic Festivals says “The main thing that sets the Sci-Fi Weekender apart from any other convention, is that it was always designed to be, and remains, a social event.  The fans can immerse themselves in a full weekend of entertainment with like-minded people, something that can’t be found at an exhibition centre that closes its doors at 6pm.  We are delighted to have the Starburst team now on board to enhance this annual event. Their expertise and passion is sure to make this a fantastic experience for the fans” 

Dez Skinn, creator of Starburst and House of Hammer magazines and co-creator of V for Vendetta says “This really is a unique event. I’ve been to many conventions around the world over the last few decades but never one offering so much fun! The entertainment side really is spectacular, the guests are always charming and accessible, and the beer’s not overpriced! I’m sure I speak for everybody on the team when I say that Starburst is honoured to be involved.”

Chic are also currently giving away FREE accommodation and tickets for 6 people here!

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