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Be honest, how many of you already have a contingency plan for when the zombie apocalypse finally kicks off? Yup. Thought so. Well now you can get a taste of what's to come courtesy of Buyagift.com, who have created a series of fantastic, fully immersive zombie-themed experiences! 

Check out the Press Release below for all the deets, and we'll see you in the trenches. Baggsy the chainsaw!


Ever wondered if you’ve got what it takes to survive a zombie apocalypse?

Well here’s your chance to find out! Imagine the scenario: hordes of hungry have descended on the UK, and there's been outbreaks in Milton Keynes, Warrington, and Reading - admittedly, you mightn’t be able to tell.

Gift experience specialists Buyagift.com, have introduced three brand-new zombie survival experiences, at fantastically chilling locations including an abandoned shopping mall in Reading and an old manor in Warrington where zombie survivalists are pitted against the undead in a real game of survival!

Armed with the very best in foam and rubber coshes and most up-todate in NERF firepower, your mission is to eliminate the Zombies before they devour everyone inside.

How does it all work?

The Mall

The day is spread out into two parts. First off, you’ll have a 2-2.5 hour ‘movie like’ experience’ where you’ll be armed and receive a full briefing from a special police firearms unit.

You will then become part of a real-time storyline, where your every move could affect the world around you. And when you least expect it, you’ll be pitted against a fiercely hungry hoard of zombies in a series of computer game like missions – only this time, it’s real! (kind of). 

Click HERE for more details.

The Old Manor

You’ll face the sheer terror of entering an old manor and its grounds that has been overrun with the undead. With weapons and basic training, you’ll need to keep yourself and your friends alive. But ammunition is limited and so you’ll need to engage in some hand-to-hand combat. Hope you’ve got nerves of steel!

Click HERE for more details.

How can you get involved?

It’s dead simple (pun intended). You simply need to visit www.buyagift.com, book your experience, ring the location you want to visit and take part. Everything you need will be provided on the day – all you really need to do is survive! 

Other locations...

Buyagift also offer the Zombie Bootcamp experience in Milton Keynes. Here, those who are bold enough will partake in three training phases, each lasting around 40 minutes. They then move on to the final mission stage which lasts for around an hour (if they survive that long). The stages are as follows:

1: Learn all about contact drills and the high-powered Nerf gun that will be your best friend on the day.

2: Take aim and master chest and head shots to make sure you’re ready to take down the onslaught

3: Gain experience inhand-to-hand combat and sniper drills ahead of the final mission!


We expect there to be a massive demand to take part in these events, so Starburst recommends you use your braaaaiiiins and grab tickets quick smart!

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