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Written by Jon Towlson Thursday, 14 September 2017

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Celluloid Screams: Sheffield Horror Film Festival, Friday October 20th – Sunday 22rd, 2017, returns to Showroom Cinema for its ninth edition, with a weekend packed full of the best new and classic horror.

Weekend festival passes go on sale from 12pm on Friday 8th September and are available from the Showroom Box Office or http://www.showroomworkstation.org.uk/

Here’s the full line-up of what’s in store for Celluloid Screams 2017…


Celluloid Screams kicks off its ninth edition with the latest mind-bending feature from Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead. Taking us further down the rabbit hole than ever before, this latest expedition into the unknown showcases the directors’ knack for innovative storytelling and subverting genre conventions. Like Resolution and Spring before it, The Endless further cements the status of Benson and Moorhead as two of contemporary genre cinema’s most prodigious talents. Screening with GREAT CHOICE (short).

BORLEY RECTORY (with special guest director Ashley Thorpe) - 9.30pm

The tale of the haunting at Borley Rectory is a legendary one, which caught the imagination of the general public in the 1920s. Over six years in the making, Ashley Thorpe’s visually stunning tale of “the most haunted house in England” is unlike any horror film you’ve seen in recent memory. Combining live action, rotoscoping and digital animation techniques, Borley Rectory is a fascinating and enthralling experience that is as haunting as the events it depicts. Screening with LATCHED + CRESWICK (shorts)

68 KILL - Midnight

From director Trent Haaga, 68 Kill is a lurid black comedy which will take you on a murderous road trip; pure trailer-park trash with a sleazy punk rock edge, and plenty of violent shocks along the way. Screening with KISSES + MISTER POPULAR + BORN AGAIN (shorts).



Based on Yrsa Sigurdardottir’s best-selling novel, and directed by Óskar Thór Axelsson, this scandi-noir about supernatural occurrences in the remote Westfjords of Iceland is certain to send a shiver down your spine. Screening with THE MAN WHO CAUGHT A MERMAID + DRIP DROP (shorts)

HABIT - 1.40pm

Gritty and gruesome, director Simeon Halligan’s third feature is a blood-soaked tale delving deep into of the dark underbelly of Manchester, where animalistic violence and savagery rule [sounds like STARBURST HQ – Ed.] Screening with BON APPETIT + COUPLES NIGHT (shorts)


Meet Sadie and McKayla, aka the ‘Tragedy Girls’. Together, they run a website devoted to true crime. Their fascination with the subject is boundless, and the girls soon find they’re no longer satisfied with merely writing about violence, and decide to embark on a more ‘hands-on’ approach. Tragedy Girls is a gory and entertaining bubblegum chiller about exploitation in the digital age, friendship between sociopaths, and the dangers of heavy gym equipment. Screening with YOUR DATE IS HERE + MEOW (shorts)

INSIDE NO. 9 – A SPECIAL ANTHOLOGY SCREENING (with special guests Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton) - 7.00pm

As is only fitting given that this is their ninth edition, Celluloid Screams presents a special screening of Inside No. 9 – one of modern television’s true greats -  three episodes, handpicked by the show’s creators. (The exact details of which episodes you’ll see are under wraps…) Inside No. 9’s writers and creators, Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton introduce this special screening and take part in a Q&A afterward.


The annual secret film returns for 2017… Following on from last year’s surprise screening of THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE, the Celluloid Screams team has selected another top secret film that we think you’ll really enjoy. As always, the film will be revealed mere moments before it begins, so settle in and prepare for a surprise… Screening with TEDDY BEARS PICNIC + THIRD WHEEL + CRAVE (shorts).

SHEFFIELD HALLAM UNIVERSITY MIDNIGHT GALA: SUSPIRIA (40th Anniversary restoration – The CultFilms tour of Suspiria 4K) Midnight

On the occasion of its 40th anniversary, Celluloid Screams brings Dario Argento’s masterpiece back to the big screen in its restored version. With a pulverising soundtrack by Italian prog-rock maestros Goblin and dazzling Technicolor visuals courtesy of Director of Photography Luciano Tovoli, Suspiria is an eye-popping assault on the senses, and its reputation as a cornerstone of European horror is thoroughly well deserved. Screening with BIRTHDAY + BELIAL’S DREAM (shorts).


TAG - 10.00am

Aboard a coach with her classmates on their way to summer camp, young Mitsuko’s world is shattered as she’s plunged into a horrific, gruesome situation. Lost, alone, and utterly terrified, she mysteriously stumbles into her life before the incident, but how exactly did she get there? Why doesn’t she recognise anyone? And where did all the men go? A mind-bending fantasy horror that will leave you questioning your own reality… Screening with ELDRITCH CODE + IT BEGAN WITHOUT WARNING (shorts)

MAYHEM - 12.00pm

In a cut-throat office environment full of uninhibited crazies out for themselves, one man must work his way up to the top, by any means necessary. If you’ve ever worked in a corporate setting or pondered the potential use of office equipment as a deadly weapon, Joe Lynch’s gleefully gory ode to office politics is made for you. Screening with TICKLE MONSTER + EARWORM + PARALYS (shorts)

M.F.A. - 2.10pm

Noelle (Francesca Eastwood) is a shy and withdrawn art student. She has a hard time fitting in with her peers, so she’s thrilled when she receives an invitation to a party from handsome classmate Luke. However, the evening takes a devastating turn when Noelle is brutally raped. With a mesmerising performance by Eastwood, this captivating revenge thriller tackles rape culture in modern society head-on with a fierce and unflinching intensity. Though it does contain scenes that some viewers may find upsetting, it deftly tackles the tough subject matter to shine a spotlight on a very real issue. Screening with SHORTCUT + UNDRESS ME (shorts)

HELLRAISER (30th Anniversary screening - with special guests Nicholas Vince & Geoff Portass)- 5.00pm

Celluloid Screams opens Lemarchand’s box to unleash Clive Barker’s horror classic once more… Nicholas Vince and special effects supervisor Geoff Portass discuss the production and legacy of Hellraiser in a Q&A after the film. Screening with WE SUMMONED A DEMON (short).

CREEP 2 (UK PREMIERE) - 7.30pm

The follow-up to 2014’s CREEP manages to be just as tense and darkly funny as its predecessor. Starting off with a similar premise to the first film, CREEP 2 soon morphs into an altogether different beast, utterly unpredictable and always heading in a different direction to the one you expect. Peachfuzz is back! Screening with CARAVAN + FLOW + DEAD HORSES (shorts)


The festive season is upon us, and in a quiet suburban neighbourhood, Ashley agrees to babysit for twelve-year-old Luke, an average kid whose parents are out for the evening. With his best friend Garrett along for moral support, Luke has lofty ambitions to prove to Ashley that he’s boyfriend material, but plans to confess his feelings go awry when the house comes under attack by unseen invaders. However, they soon discover that this is no ordinary home invasion…this vicious horror comedy is the closest thing to Home Alone meets Scream that we’ll probably ever get.

All screenings will be open to Celluloid Screams pass holders. There are a limited number of tickets available for individual films which can be purchased from the Showroom Box Office. For full details of the film programme please visit: www.celluloidscreams.co.uk.


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