DOCTOR WHO Improv Show Seeks Backing on Kickstarter

Written by Kieron Moore Wednesday, 26 April 2017

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Imagine a live show where you could go anywhere in space & time, and you got to decide where, when and “Who”. Any Suggestions, Doctor: An Improvised Adventure in Space & Time is not only a hilarious parody of everyone’s favourite Police Box based sci-fi show, but one that is based entirely on audience suggestions.

At last year’s Edinburgh fringe, the show was a resounding success, with episodes performed based on cues as unusual as Pet Crematoriums, a referendum to leave the solar system and even a journey to the centre of Brian Blessed’s beard.

This year, the crew are taking what was a scrappy, fun muck-around of a show and turning it into a sci-fi epic. They’ve enlisted new members to help expand their universe, and even employed a musician to improvise a live radiophonic workshop-esque score alongside the action. It’s ambitious, and to pull it off the troupe are looking for £1000 of backing on Kickstarter.

“We’re determined this year to make something that goes well beyond anything that has been attempted before,” says Lewis Dunn, the show’s producer. “Last year we did something that I’m still incredibly proud of, we took on the universe and for a few nights at least we each got a go at being The Doctor. But this year we’re raising our game, bringing in a much larger budget and setting our sights on creating something that’s not just hilarious, it’s epic. Think of the budget leap between Eccleston and Tennant – that’s our goal, only much, much sillier.”

The Kickstarter is sitting at around £120 at the time of writing, but with your help this team can build the sci-fi improv show of their dreams, and they are offering lots of backer rewards including badges, posters and exclusive artwork.

If you can’t wait until August, the troupe has some shows coming up at the Brighton Fringe May 25th – 28th, and a preview of their fully upgraded Edinburgh show on at The Great Yorkshire Fringe July 23rd.


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