RPG Schedule for UK Games Expo Available

Written by Martin Unsworth Sunday, 05 February 2017

Event News

The UK Games Expo takes place in Birmingham from June 2nd - 4th, and they have just opened tickets to take part in the numerous role-playing sessions taking place over the course of the event.

From the press release:

Maybe you have a desire to be a powerful Wizard wielding the elemental forces of magic, an Occult Investigator on the trail of knowledge that man was never meant to know, an explorer navigating your Free Trader across the Stars or many other characters.

Well, we will have a game for you.

John Dodd, UKGE RPG Organised Play Manager, is ready to release tickets for hundreds of seats in our varied Roleplaying Game Schedule.

The tickets go on sale at 7pm today Sunday the 5th of February. You need a UKGE account to book event tickets.

For a full schedule of games go to our Roleplaying Games List.

At the same time as announcing bookings opening for RPGs this evening, we wanted to give some information about special events that will not have been made live at the point at which we make every other RPG active.

The first of these events is the D&D World Premiere Epic, a 100 player event that has been given to UKGE following the successful D&D premiere last year. This event will be running on Saturday evening and will be going live as soon as the full details of the scenario are made available.

The second is the ever popular Cthulhu Masters. We’re currently setting the scenarios for the event, which will start with qualifiers on Friday afternoon, with one player from each of the qualifiers going forwards to the final on the Friday Evening. One of our most popular events, the Masters, has always featured handmade, unique prizes for those who make it through to the final, ranging from a Grail Diary to a bound and sealed copy of the Necronomicon. As soon as we have the scenarios finalised, we will be making an announcement and then setting the masters live.

Finally, there is an indication that there will be a Pathfinder society special event, but we are waiting on details from our sponsors, Paizo regarding this. We will tell you more as soon as we hear ourselves.

We’ll still be taking submissions for RPG’s after this Sunday so keep checking back to see what other games come onstream in the coming weeks.

If anyone has any questions regarding submissions or games that will be coming up, please contact our RPG manager John.

We are now ready to set live our Board Games Tournaments. These will be on sale from Friday 10th February at 7pm.

These will include national championships and other events. We will put the schedule online during the course of this coming week on our Board Game Events Page.

We’ll keep you up to date on more news from the UK Games Expo as we get it.


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