Written by Ed Fortune Wednesday, 05 August 2015

Event News

Now in its third year, the unique London-based event that is Nine Worlds Geekfest is almost upon us. Described by cutting edge comics writer Kieron Gillen as a “petri-dish for Fandom future” and a “Farsight Community from Transmetropolitan for geeks”, the event begins on Thursday, August 7th at the Radisson Blu Edwardian, Heathrow, London and ends on Sunday.

The event has wide variety of things to for geeks to do and is essentially a collection of mini conventions bundled into one super-event. For example, the All the Books track is not only jam-packed with some of genre’s greatest authors (including Laurell K. Hamilton, Joe Abercrombie, Joanne Harris and many more), and it also has workshops and talks from key figures in the UK genre industry. It will additionally feature the Gemmel Awards ceremony on the Saturday evening, too.

Other tracks include the Here Be Dragons International New Genre Film Festival, which will be packed with geek-inspired shorts and art movies throughout Friday and Saturday. The history track will cover everything from ancient Latin to Hight Gallifreyan and the knitting track promises that everyone will have a good yarn to spin. 

Comic book fans will be catered for with their own track that will cover every level of the comic book industry, from censorship to superheroes. Those looking to have their cake and eat should check out the Food Geekery track and those with a more scientific approach may want to explore the Future Worlds portion of the event.

If you happen to be in London this weekend and want to get your geek on, you should check out We shall see you there.

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