Starburst Issue 370

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Welcome to Issue 370, and a number of exciting changes...

Well The good Doctor is back, with what I found to be a ropey start, and then delivering 'The Girl Who Waited' - surely a classic. 'Torchwood' is drawing to a close, and we have reached the end of the Summer Blockbusters. Unusually, I find myself pretty satisfied with the summer as a whole, and I can only wish every summer delivered the same quality.

Talking of quality, what an amazing mag we have for you this month. As we continue to welcome back hundreds of our old Readers every day (and lots of new 'Starbursters'), we continue to expand in terms of Writing talent, Content, Coverage and Quality. We aim to be your one-stop-shop for the entire Sci-Fi & Fantasy Genre. We aim to deliver all of the latest News, and Reviews as they happen, and bombard you with the finest Columns and Features every month. Catering for every possible taste. If we don't cover it - feel free to give me some grief over it.

This month we are pleased to introduce 3 new Columns;

'Exile On Augusta Street' - all of the latest in the fascinating World of Steampunk, by CB Harvey.

'When Words Collide' - by Jr Southall & Robin Pierce - this month the debate is remakes.

'The Pen Is mightier Than The Voord'' - each month Andrew  Weston focuses on a writer from the TV history of our favourite Timelord.

The Features section is also exploding with goodies. To name only a few;

Gary Armstrong brings you the lowdown on the first week of the contoversial DC Reboot.

We get to meet the genius behind the props of Dr Who - 'Prof Rubbertoe' [check out our competition to win a Raygun that he will custom make for you].

We Interview 'Kill List' Director - Ben Wheatley.

The Autumn and Winter Movies are also thoroughly previewed by Chris Holt.

All this and Much, Much, More...

The Starburst Radio Show also continues to attract new listeners every Sunday on Manchester Radio at 9pm(GMT). The more of you that listen, email in Live and get involved - the better the Show becomes. So don't be a stranger. Be part of the Starburst Radio Show every Sunday Night, and have your say on this brilliant passion we all share for the genre.
Also please do help us out by clicking here and subscribing to the Show on iTunes. Help your friendly independent Starburst Magazine gain as many listeners as possible, and leaving us a rating really helps us out loads. 

On behalf of our amazing Writers, if you read something you like then please leave them a comment, or better still, check out our Starburst Magazine team page, and email them direct. Not all of them bite, and they would love to hear from you.

I will finish by repeating the same message I have been pushing since our switch to Digital five months ago. We operate this magazine for you guys, and we will give you anything you want to read, listen, or watch - all for FREE.  We have survived up against the big boys since 1978, and with your help we will be here another 33 years. We just need you to tell all your friends about us.

Until next month. Keep watching the Weird and Wonderful,

Jordan "Mike" Royce

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0 #3 andrew scott 2012-09-07 12:29
how to i buy back issues from the start of the relaunch. i have from 374 omwards but would like to purchase the rest.
the one's with the special art cover would be ideal.
or, it says they can be downloaded but i can not see a way of doing this.
take care
0 #2 jim 2011-09-23 21:42
Quoting Kevin Bachelder:
I'm probably missing something very obvious but where can I find the link to download this cool issue! :)


Ahhhh, well, the new online articles are all in the Columns drop down, the downloadable issues are all in The Vault, you can get to that in the Features menu :)
+2 #1 Kevin Bachelder 2011-09-23 20:52
I'm probably missing something very obvious but where can I find the link to download this cool issue! :)


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