Starburst Issue 369

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Welcome to Issue 369, and the Biggest Ever Issue...

We are VERY happy here at Starburst Towers. 'Captain America', 'Super 8', and a newly revitalised 'Planet Of The Apes' saga. A great time for Sci-Fi Cinema. 

Over on TV, and 'Torchwood: Miracle Day', continues to entertain with it's engaging storyline. Keeping us busy while we wait for HIM to come back from his short break.

At Starburst we have continued to attract lots of new and old readers. With our twitter followers reaching over 17,000 so far.

We are now four Issues into our new digital format, and we remain dedicated to bringing you the Greatest Sci-Fi, Fantasy Magazine ever. All totally online and TOTALLY FREE. With this Issue (369), we are proud to bring you the largest Issue in the history of Starburst. Over 450 pages of content

I want to take this opportunity to say thanks for getting on board with us, and making it work. No matter how much effort goes into this magazine, it means nothing if you guys don't read us.

If I can make the usual request for favours. This month is the biggest Issue ever, so please get everyone you know to register, and continue to spread the word. By Christmas how great would it be if we had more readers than our peak in the early 80s. We can do it with your support.

The Starburst Radio Podcast is holding steady in the TV/Movie Audio Podcast chart on iTunes. Introducing loads more new readers to Starburst Magazine. Please could you follow THIS LINK and subscribe to our Podcast if you haven't already. A rating and review would be really helpful too. Let's get STARBURST and our Podcast as busy as we can. Remember STARBURST is back to being an Independent Magazine, as our Founder and Editor-In-Chief Dez Skinn started it, way back in 1978. We are not backed by any massive publishing company. We need you guys more than ever...

Thanks Everyone,


Jordan M. Royce

P.S. On the 1st September we will be announcing our biggest competition EVER. We have an amazing prize. I want this prize. Truly unique, and customised for you. Watch out for it...

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