Starburst Issue 368

PrintE-mail Written by Jordan Royce Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Welcome to Issue 368, and one of the busiest months in the history of the magazine...

We are witnessing the end of the Harry Potter Franchise, about which I am remaining tight-lipped until the 17th July Radio Show. At which point I am happy to share my opinions on the whole enterprise.
Captain America is also about to descend upon us, and on TV it's all about Torchwood. Busy month indeed, and we will bring you all the reviews and articles that you could possibly need.

In the world of STARBURST we have indeed been very busy. Since our switch of format to digital on the 14th May this year, it has gone very well. We have more Readers than we could have hoped for, and the support has been unbelievable. I have never seen so many emails of support. It is quite humbling to be honest, and spurs us on with renewed vigour. I can only reiterate my intention to make this the only TRUE internet magazine out there. Bringing you all of the content of a high street magazine every month for free. For as long as you want to read us.

Our Starburst Radio Show has gone from strength to strength, and now has picked up five times the amount of Listeners that we had at the time of the last Issue. We are now available on iTunes, and it is on this note that I get my begging bowl out for the second month in a role.

The Starburst Radio Podcast is in the TV/Movie Audio Podcast top 10 on iTunes. Being high in this chart, introduces more and more new readers to Starburst Magazine. Please could you follow THIS LINK and subscribe to our Podcast. A rating and review would be lovely as well. This will help us immensely. Sorry to keep groveling, but we are not supported by a massive publishing conglomerate. To be honest, I would rather have your support anyday.

Thanks Everyone,

Jordan M. Royce

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+2 #3 sophiea iqbal 2011-08-01 20:54
The magazine is one of my top for all the goss and reviews of upcoming releases. And Kris you are my yoda for all the movie news. You rise above all the competition. Much success with the radio show too.

I wish you lubricated throats for years to come guys :)
+2 #2 Mr Cheese 2011-07-17 01:53
I agree whole heartedly with Ted. Well done guys, drinks are on me next time you're in Fab
+5 #1 Ted Lyons 2011-07-16 14:54
Just to say congratulations on gettin to your third new issue. Just keeps getting better and better. This is the best Film magazine out off or online. Have the 14th on my calendar. You have got the original Starburst back for us. Just know that a whole bunch of us appreciate this. and for free!!! Everyone out there let these guys know if you feel like me. It only takes a minute to say thanks.

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