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Starburst FAQ

I have been inundated with emails about Starburst. The return to print, and its future. The obvious way to answer these questions is The STARBURST FAQ:

1)      ”I hear you are returning to print?”
Yes we are returning to print on the 14th February 2012.

2)      “Where can I get a copy?”
For the first 3 Issues Starburst will be available by Subscription and in Specialist Comic and Magazine retailers throughout Europe. Our Distribution will be expanding across Newsagents throughout the next 6 months, and the good ol USA before the end of the Year.

3)      “How do I Subscribe?”
You can find our Subscription page HERE.

4)      “Is the New Issue only a limited run?”
Yes and No. It is not limited as such, but we have to estimate demand for the first 2 Issues, as we do not have actual sales figures to go on. There will always be a possibility of a sell-out on the first few Issues of any Magazine run. We have Subscribers copies marked as priorities, and a Subscription does guarantee that you get a copy.

5)      “Will it be available on iPad?”
Yes. It will be available on iPad. We also plan to embrace the other major Tablet devices throughout the year.

6)      “Will the iPad version have unique content?”
Yes. The iPad version will have the entire Print Edition content, plus several unique columns, and tons of multimedia to bring your Starburst experience to a whole new level.

7)      “The Old Print Edition ended with Issue 365. Will the new Print Edition continue with 366?”
Issues 366 – 373 have been published online at If we were to ignore that fine body of work, it would be a slap in the face to all of our writers who have made the new Print Edition possible. The new Issue will continue with Issue 374. We are aware that many people have collected Starburst, and wish to have a complete run. We are therefore currently compiling all of the content of Issues 366 – 373 and will be releasing them as limited edition print versions over the next 18 months. We will also be releasing them as iPad versions. It will be possible to complete your collections.

8)      “Will any older Issues be getting the iPad treatment?”
We are also planning to release Issues 1 - 365 as iPad Editions, with lots of multimedia and additional content. You will be able to see your old copies come to life in this new exciting medium.

9)   “Will this be classic Starburst (70’s/80’s), or continuing with a format similar to Issue 365?”
We will not be returning to the later format of the Magazine. In my opinion this was a format that was not popular with the Starburst readers. We have Dez Skinn back involved with Starburst for the first time in decades, and I am a fan of the glory days. It is safe to say that there will be a massive flavour of the classic era. We even have lots of the old Writers back on board. This will be a new Starburst however. We have a new and exciting style and format that we can’t wait for you to read. We will bring you the best of what you loved about Starburst, whilst creating something new and original.

10)   “What will happen to”
The online Starburst ( brought back this Magazine and made all of this happen. It will continue to be the central hub of the Starburst Universe. You will go there for up to the minute News, Reviews, unique Features, Podcasts, Original Fiction, and much, much, more. The online Starburst will fill in all of the gaps between the Printed Issues, and complete your Starburst Experience.

Issue 374

I hope this answers many of the questions you have about Starburst, but please feel free to email us with anything I have not covered.

    Stay Strange,

Jordan "Mike" Royce

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0 #11 Peter Jaconelli 2016-06-14 08:54
recently got back into reading Starburst and recently just cant find it in the shops - Why is this? Has it gone online sales ony?

I not a subscriber, more of a hunter - love walking into a shop and searching for anything that grabs my attention.
+1 #10 Animal Johns 2012-03-09 23:35
Hi Geoff,
Thanks - really glad you like the mag. You can subscribe now, just select the start issue as 375 and your sub will begin from then.
Thanks - AJ
0 #9 Geoff Cliff 2012-03-09 21:15
Hi, i bought the first print issue as a one off and would like to subscribe, should i wait until after the new issue is out or subscribe now? i want my subscription to start with the second print issue. I loved the first one by the way!
0 #8 Animal Johns 2012-03-06 19:17
Hi Ray,

Thanks for the comments. I'm very glad that you enjoyed the magazine (with one or two caveats!) The font issue was a hangover from moving from an unrestrained site format to the constraints of a magazine. From #375 the font size has been increased. With regard exclusive/fresh content #375 has exclusive interviews with Drew Goddard, George R R Martin and FX Guru Chris Wells of Hydraulx, as well as features on the Hunger Games and Wrath of the Titans including interviews with Josh Hutcheson and Jonathan Liebesman (as well as our usual regular sections).
We kinda like the rounded edges so will have to agree to disagree on that one but hopefully they'll grow on you! With regard the postage I'll look into it for you.
Thanks for reading - AJ
0 #7 Ray Smyth 2012-03-06 10:01
Gotta whinge.... sorry!
The print size in most of the magazine's articles is TINY.
But that lends itself to reinforcing how impressive the sheer volume of reading there is in the mag. The quality of the printing is excellent. I thought a lot of the material was past tense in relevance or just lacking in exclusivity or freshness.
I'm not too crazy about some of the borders used for the image layouts. Even though it's a design motif carried over from the online content I personally don't like the curved corner cropping on images.
I also got both variant cover issues and they arrived a bit banged up after shipping. I get other magazines from the UK in good condition so maybe you could look into more durable mailing options?
All said, you're back and despite the issues I have with the magazine I do think that you have trumped in the the most important prerequisite that I as reader would want from a magazine like Starburst and that's QUALITY.
Here's to 375.
0 #6 Ray Smyth 2012-02-21 05:46

+1 #5 jim 2012-02-21 03:04
Quoting Ray Smyth:
I've been trying to order a copy of the Dez Skinn/ Glenn Fabry alternate cover issue, (which also happens to be a brilliant must have kinda cover by the way), but the ordering pages won't calculate in the US shipping costs even though it's asking me for my state and zip! Please help!

Hi Ray, give it a go now my friend - Thanks, Jim
0 #4 Ray Smyth 2012-02-21 01:50
I've been trying to order a copy of the Dez Skinn/ Glenn Fabry alternate cover issue, (which also happens to be a brilliant must have kinda cover by the way), but the ordering pages won't calculate in the US shipping costs even though it's asking me for my state and zip! Please help!
0 #3 Animal Johns 2012-01-18 15:28
Hi Ray,

In answer to your (and anyone else's) questions regards international purchasing:

1. The aim is indeed to be on American newstands by the end of 2012. However you will be able to get a subscription to the US from issue 374 (see question 2)

2. With regard purchasing the magazine from abroad, we are just finalising the set up to allow us to do that and fully expect this to be available on the site within 7 days.

3. All iPad issues (icluding the early ones) will be available worldwide.

4. No the iPad issue is not free with the print issue.

I hope that's answered your questions and I hope you like the magazine once it hits the shelves!
0 #2 Mr Cheese 2012-01-18 10:38
I'm pretty sure that they're doing international subs in time for Feb 14th (check the subs page). I assume Jordan means physically on News Stands in the States. I doubt that buying the print will get you the ipad edition too, no other magazine I know of does that
0 #1 Ray Smyth 2012-01-17 22:06
and the good ol USA before the end of the Year.

So potentially it could be almost a year before readers outside the UK can get their hands on a copy of the new Starburst?
Surely there must be some other kind of option for stateside/international readers. How about a Starburst online store?
Can we subscribe to the early iPad issues from the US?
Does a print subscription automatically get you the iPad version too?

Seems like I might have to trawl ebay if I want to get the new issues.

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