Starburst Issue 372

PrintE-mail Written by Jordan Royce Monday, 14 November 2011


Welcome to Issue 372, and this month has all been about the return of STARBURST to print...

We had been working behind the scenes on this for quite some time. The seeds began back in May 2011, when we returned to publication. The response to our return was staggering, but there was the constant question. "Are you going back to print at any stage?" Now I have consistently stated in the mag and on the Radio Show that if enough people wanted us to, then I would make it happen. So we are going to get the old girl back in print for early 2012, and accompany it with an awesome iPad/tablet version. Obviously we need your support more now than ever.

Here is the link to our signup page. This allows us to gauge printing requirements and helps us to keep everyone in the loop regarding the timing of this launch. We are planning to keep this limited in numbers at first, and are hoping for a sell out 
first print issue. So anyone who wants to be guaranteed a copy - needs to sign up!

As always we want you to be a part of The Starburst Radio Show and if you email in on  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it - we WILL use your comments, or answer your questions on the show - we will deal with ANYTHING!

Get on board by clicking here and subscribing to the show on iTunes.

We have an amazing Starburst Team, and leaving comments is the best reward you could give them - so please leave some!

These are great times, and by this time next year STARBURST could be really hitting great heights. We can't compete against these massive Publishing Houses without you. Spread the word. Tell everyone.

Then let us bring you the best Sci-Fi Horror Fantasy Magazine that you have ever seen!

Until next month. Keep watching the Weird and Wonderful,

Jordan "Mike" Royce

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