Starburst Issue 371

PrintE-mail Written by Jordan Royce Thursday, 13 October 2011



Welcome to Issue 371, and we seem to be dominated by THE big event this month...

Issue 371 is all about DC Comics and 'The New 52'. No matter what your opinion, there was simply no escaping the Tsunamic amount of attention that this Reboot of the entire DC Comics line has generated.

I personally give my opinion with no holds barred in my Column, 'It's Only A Movie'. There is a huge debate in the confrontational column 'When Words Collide', and Ian Matt gives you a comprehensive overview in 'The New 52 Pickup' in the Features section.

We have interviews with Tom Holland (original 'Fright Night' Director), Actor Julian Glover, and Kim Bubbs ('The Thing').

We have Retrospectives Galore. Highlander, Conan, Spielberg, and Dracula all get the nostalgia trip.

All this and a 'Bluffers Guide To Tintin' - what more could anyone need.

Don't forget we want you to be a part of The Starburst Radio Show and if you email in on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it - we WILL use your comments, or answer your questions on the Show - we will deal with ANYTHING!

As usual I need to ask you to help us out by clicking here and subscribing to the Show on iTunes. We really need you guys on board.

Don't forget the awesome Starburst Team, and please leave a comment on anything you like. It really matters to us all.

Finally, we are currently working on some very exciting changes that will affect the future of Starburst Magazine massively. It is way too early to reveal things just yet, but keep reading the Editorials, and I hope to have very exciting news for you soon.

Until next month. Keep watching the Weird and Wonderful,

Jordan "Mike" Royce

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