3 Reasons Why More People Are Playing At Online Casinos More Than Land Based Ones

PrintE-mail Written by STARBURST Wednesday, 07 December 2016

The rise of mobile computing such as tablets and smartphones is an example of what is referred to as disruptive technology. The reason for this description is that these technologies have brought about significant changes to a variety of industries, sectors and our old way of life. One such sector that has seen a significant impact is casinos. Gambling trends have shifted massively in recent years due to a number of reasons including these advances in technology. To that effect, see below for 3 reasons why more people are playing at online casinos more than at land based ones:

1. Technology offers Easier Access and Improved User Experience

As mentioned above, technology has brought about significant changes in the way we live our lives across a whole range of aspects. For gambling operators this has come about at a time when footfall through the doors of their physical casinos was falling. The shift to an online based casino model and the rise of mobile devices such as smartphones means that players can now access casinos more easily. Online platforms and apps also offer an improved user experience, convenience, and variety, all of which are helping to attract more players.

2. More Variety Creates Competition for Customers

The online and mobile revolution has also levelled the playing field and opened the doors for new providers to enter the casino industry. This has led to a healthy variety of options and competition for the custom of new players and customers. Online casino start-ups such as playcosmo are looking to attract new customers by offering attractive sign up offers and promotions.  In addition, the competition between providers has means that online casinos are now some of the biggest spenders in online and application advertising.

On online casino sites players can use the service when they feel like and can even play for free. The result is that online casinos are more visible to mainstream users leading to more of them signing up to play.

3. Higher Payout Percentages

Another big advantage that online gambling platforms have over traditional land based casinos is that on average they tend to have higher payout percentages. One reason for this is that websites have much lower overhead costs compared to traditional casinos that have to pay rents or utilities and so can afford to offer bigger prizes. Pay out percentages on online platforms are also easier to find out compared to those of physical casinos. The resulting high adoption of online casinos also means that more players increase revenues for a provider which in turn feeds pay out sizes.

As in many walks of life, technological advances have seen more services become available online. Their ease of access and use are the biggest driver behind larger numbers of people accessing services such as online casinos compared to land based ones.

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