Competition: Learn How To Survive The Apocalypse... [Ended]

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To celebrate the release of the eagerly awaited new Lionsgate film HELL (on DVD/Blu-ray from July 2nd), the UK’s best survival expert is coming to London to teach you how to survive in even the worst situation (eg. any kind of system breakdown or apocalypse as seen in the film).

The ‘survival seminar’ will take place at the awesome venue VILLAGE UNDERGROUND next Wednesday (June 27th). You'll have the whole amazing space to try skills out and have access to their amazing old Tube carriages for some quick tasks and apocalyptic photos. Survival food will also be laid on!

The seminar will cover:

  • The attitude of survival
  • The survival priorities: Shelter / Water / Fire / Food
  • Awareness skills
  • Survival tool making and cordage (making rope)
  • Survival aspects relating to HELL

Seminal leader and the UK's top survival expect Thomas Schorr-kon of says: “This will be a training half-day focusing on both survival skills and some of the skills of escape and evasion. Tracking and awareness provide the context for the skills of invisibility which the participants in the film Hell did not have to be able to avoid the danger of other humans. So we will look at these skills as well creating a scenario to try them out in. With an understanding of the full spectrum of skills a person could avoid all human contact and provide for their own needs. We will also look at simple martial arts that those in the film could have employed to keep themselves safe.”

We have one pair of tickets to give away, and all you have to do for your chance to win is answer the following question...

HELL producer Roland Emmerich last dealt with the apocalypse in which 2009 movie starring John Cusack?

...and email it along with your address details to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it before midnight, Sunday the 24th.



'From producer, Roland Emmerich (The Day After Tomorrow) comes HELL, the story of a post-apocalyptic future where the sun has scorched the Earth and left it too bright to inhabit. It was once the source of life, light and warmth but now the sun has turned the entire world into a baked and barren wasteland. Forests are scorched. Animal carcasses line the roads. Even the nights are dazzlingly bright. Marie, her little sister Leonie and Phillip are heading for the mountains. Rumour has it that water can still be found there but it is a hazardous trip into the unknown.  Despite their struggle to overcome the odds, they are lured into an ambush and then the real battle for survival begins… A searing sci-fi thriller about the terrifying lengths humans will go to survive.'

HELL is unleashed on 2nd July on Blu-ray and DVD.


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